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Going Postal

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In California, an an ex-postal worker recently killed six former co-workers before committing suicide. What is up with postal workers hating their jobs? From the want ads I’ve seen regarding vacant post office positions, the pay is more than fair. In addition, it’s a government job, so there has to be good benefits along with some other perks. Why do these people go nuts? Earlier this month I was at a local post office near my workplace to purchase some of those hippie 2-cent stamps, and the cashier whose register I approached to make the transaction was flipping out to his supervisor about how a co-worker expected him to weigh letters for her while he was still waiting on his customers. In hindsight, I don’t think it was a good idea for me to say in front of his supervisor, “give me $50 and I’ll slash her tires,” but at least it shut him up for the rest of the time I was there.

One thing I really hate about the post office is that when you go in there to have a letter weighed and sent out they always ask you if you want to buy stamps. No I don’t want to buy any goddamn stamps; I just don’t want to play a guessing game of how many stamps I have to put on my parcel if it’s not in the conventional first-class 39-cent envelope. However, one thing I hate even more than this is when you’re in line and the customer in front of you answers yes to the same question I mentioned above. These people then take at least 20 minutes trying to decide between the stamps with the American Flag pictured on them or the stamps with the Stature of Liberty prominently featured. What’s the difference? Just order your stamps, pay for them and leave. Oh, and if you get run over by a car in the lot, that would be great, too.

Then again, maybe it is customers like this that make these government workers go postal, which if that is the case then I totally sympathize with their plight. Just one request should you go on a shooting spree: Before offing yourself, make sure to take out a few customers, too.

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January 31, 2006 at 11:51 pm

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Alito Confirmed, Civil Rights Dies A Little More

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Judge Samuel Alito was just confirmed as the newest Supreme Court Justice. Elsewhere, Wal-Mart is running a special on rusty coat hangers and signs that read “Whites Only.” What makes me laugh about this whole event is that if Alito really was as awful as Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer made him out to be, then how in the world did he ever get to become a federal judge in the first place? Better yet, how did he manage to graduate from law school?

I guess it’s only fitting since civil rights, for all intents and purposes, died with the Alito confirmation that Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King Jr., passed away on the very same day. Could this be an omen of things to come? Well, as someone who loves dirty air and water, tax cuts for the rich, and seeing old people survive on cat food and dumpster scraps, I certainly hope so.

Even though I’m giddy with how the Supreme Court is shaping up, there is something that annoyed me regarding RIGHT-WING RADIO during recent Supreme Court confirmation processes. Just about every national talk-show host I listened to said Alito and John Roberts before him “ran rings around the liberals questioning him.” Well I should sure hope so. If you can’t outwit Ted Kennedy or outsmart Diane Feinstein, then you have no business being a civil servant, let alone a Supreme Court Justice. I would hope that even a liberal like Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be able to hold her own in an argument with these same people, and I’m sure she could; that is if she actually answered any questions posed to her.

Justice Alito, enjoy the perks of your new lifetime appointment. And remember when the next time a bunch of far-sighted Jews claim they were disenfranchised in the voting booth, think back to who got you this cushy gig. Seriously, is there any better job than to be a Supreme Court Justice? You’re paid to sit down and write opinions all day that nobody can overrule except for five of your eight colleagues. Future courts could also override what you deemed constitutional or unconstitutional, but by the time this actually happens you’ll be long dead and nobody will care.

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January 31, 2006 at 11:48 pm

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How Much Is Not Winning Worth?

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It is common for professional athletes to get labeled by many in our society of being greedy, spoiled and out of touch, but I am generally not one of those people who will make these accusations. After all, if you are one of the chosen few blessed to play a professional sport, your shelf life as a pro athlete is extremely limited (especially if you play in the NFL), so you better get your money while you can. Or should I say get what money you can after taxes and various fees to player unions, agents and publicists?

While I don’t fault athletes for earning their hefty paychecks, there are some things that remain a mystery to me. For example, I don’t understand how someone can leave a winning team and head to losing team for not that much more money. Nobody can fault a top rookie or second-year phenom for jumping ship if they are with a team that is offering $500,000 per year when a team in a larger market is willing to pony up $5 million per year for their services. However, if you are an established name and on a team that is contending for a championship, why move away from that franchise and be a little richer but much more miserable?

One example of this happening was when Bobby Bonilla left the Shittsburgh Pirates after the 1991 season and headed over to the New York Mets. After going to the playoffs for two consecutive years in Shittsburgh, Bonilla turned down a multi-million dollar contract (if memory serves, it was around $4-4.5 million/year) and went to the Mets for about $6 million per year. As a kid, I didn’t understand why Bonilla left the Pirates, who were still considered contenders at the time by many, to go to a Mets franchise that was struggling below .500. Now that I’m older, I can sympathize with him wanting to go to a larger market where there would be greater opportunitiesto make more money, but I still don’t agree with the move. If the Pirates had gone through a 100-game losing season, then I could understand him wanting to leave and go to team with a better chance of winning. But this wasn’t the case. Bonilla was already a millionaire, and unlike football, baseball contracts are guaranteed. So even if he sustained a career-ending injury during that next year’s spring training, Bonilla would still have earned enough money to live comfortably for several lifetimes.

The funny thing about this whole situation is that for 1992, Bonilla’s first year in New York, the Pirates won their division for the third straight year and was one only out away from reaching the World Series. The Mets meanwhile stayed near the bottom of the NL East. Although as a kid I enjoyed watching the Pirates win during that summer of ‘92, I enjoyed even more the articles I read about Bonilla and his miserable stay with the Mets where at one point he had to wear earplugs to drown out the boos from the New York crowds. Was that extra million or so worth hating your job? Only Bonilla can answer that question, but I know I would rather stay with a contending team and be cheered on by the hometown fans than be mercilessly booed in a new city. (Sadly, Bonilla would go on to win a Series ring with the Florida Marlins.)

While I am on this subject, another athlete whose actions I don’t understand is Kobe Bryant. It’s true he wasn’t best friends with former teammate Shaquille O’Neal, but they were civil enough to each other to win three NBA championships. However, winning wasn’t enough for Bryant, and as a result the Lakers traded O’Neal to the Miami Heat. Now Bryant is the main man for a mediocre Laker team.

Ever since Bryant got his wish, he has piled up great personal stats, including recently putting up 81 points against the Toronto Raptors. But aside from a scoring title or some other individual achievement, this is all the glory Bryant will see for the time being. I was watching last night’s game the Lakers had with the Pistons, who are the quintessential “team” in the NBA, and the Lakers got clobbered 102-93. During the game I saw a sign held by a fan that pretty much shows the difference between someone like Bryant and a team like Pistons. The sign read “Bryant: 37 points; Pistons: 37 wins.”

Enjoy these big games, Kobe, because the best your team can hope for is an early-round exit from the playoffs, if you are even lucky enough to get into the postseason.

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January 30, 2006 at 11:46 pm

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Murderer Gets Starr For Showing Sorrow

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Well, it turns out former independent prosecutor Ken Starr might now get invited to a few cocktail parties around California’s social scene. Starr has contacted Arnold Schwarzenegger regarding the upcoming execution of Michael Morales, who raped and murdered a 17-year-old girl back in 1981. Starr wants Morales to receive clemency. Now you may be asking yourself why would Starr want to grant mercy to this confessed murderer: Was there a last-minute eyewitness to refute the prosecution’s side of the story? Was there some new DNA evidence that puts some doubt as to Morales’ guilt? Of course not. Morales said he’s sorry.

But that’s not all. Another person trying to spare Morales’ life is Judge Charles McGrath, who first sentenced Morales to death row. The judge now says he doesn’t believe the testimony of jailhouse informant Bruce Samuelson, who said that Morales boasted of his assault and made obscene and derogatory references toward his victim. Says the judge, “New information has emerged to show the evidence upon which I relied in sentencing Mr. Morales to death – Mr. Samuelson’s testimony – is false.”

So Morales saying mean things about his victim was your deciding factor in whether or not he deserved the death penalty? I think that says more about you, judge, than it does about the so-called unreliable testimony.

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January 29, 2006 at 11:43 pm

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Risky Behavior

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So now the first year of college is the “riskiest.” Riskiest? Give me a break. The first year of serving in Iraq is “risky.” The first year of fighting cancer is “risky.” The first year of going to a college isn’t. Yeah, that keg party just jumped out of nowhere and that steady stream of alcohol just happened to pour down Johnny’s throat while he were sleeping. Now there is a risk of catching bacterial meningitis or some other condition due to living in close quarters with many people, which is a part of dorm life, but most of the problems college students have that involve “risky behavior” are self-inflicted. Save me the sob story for someone who deserves pity. Not some 18-year-old idiot who got drunk and jumped off a roof.

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January 29, 2006 at 11:42 pm

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Moderation In California

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Cindy Sheehan is threatening to run against Diane Feinstein for her Senate seat if Feinstein doesn’t come out more strongly against the war in Iraq. Man, if this happens it will sure make her look like a moderate to the voters. Wait a second, who would look more like the moderate in California– Sheehan or Feinstein?

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January 29, 2006 at 11:41 pm

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Heroic Lawyer — Only In Hollywood

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A few weeks ago I bought some uber-special DVD edition of “To Kill A Mockingbird,” and last night I finally got around to watching it. I read the book in high school and don’t remember much of what happened (it was a school assignment after all), but I watched the movie a few years later and absolutely loved it. I haven’t seen the film again since 1995, but when I was at Best Buy in early January of this year I saw this DVD marked down from $29.99 to $9.99 and felt an impulse. I think there was a clerical error regarding its price because I didn’t see this special advertised in Best Buy’s weekly circular, and when I had the movie scanned the retail price of $29.99 remained the same. However, after showing a clerk that this was indeed the advertised price (and the price was for this edition and not some crappy bare-bones DVD; I make sure to check these things out before going to the register), they marked it down for me.

As I watched this film again last night, I was still impressed with it after 10 years from my previous viewing. I can’t explain why I like this movie so much: there’s no CGI, no real profanity besides the “n” word being said a few times (which was necessary because I doubt those rednecks saying “African-American” would have been all that believable), there was no T&A outside of Scout wearing a dress that revealed her knees, and, worst of all, it was shot in black and white. I guess when you’re watching a good movie you don’t need all of those additional features, which is why I’m sure a lot of movies nowadays have to have these “enhancements.”

After watching this movie, I remembered that hippie list the American Film Institute released a few years ago rating the greatest heroes and villains of the silver screen. Since Atticus Finch was the top person for the hero list (it figures Hollywood would consider a lawyer a hero), I decided to check out that list one more time.

Whenever a list like this comes out, it’s pointless to do any real debate. Oh my God, James Bond is below Indiana Jones! Why is Charlton Heston’s Moses ranked so low? – Damn you liberal media! I will say though that’s it’s funny Han Solo cracked the 14 spot and Luke Skywalker didn’t make the Top 50 (I can’t remember if he was in the 51-100 group).

However, over in the villains section, there is something that I question: I still don’t get how the shark from “Jaws” is a villain. He was a just a fish swimming around looking for food. If anything the real villains of this film are the executives who gave the green light for those godawful sequels: I don’t think there is such a drop-off in quality for a series from the first film to the most recent sequel than the “Jaws” franchise. To make matters worse, I remember as a kid watching “Jaws: The Revenge” in the theater and wondering how the shark knew to swim down the Eastern Seaboard and find Ellen Brody after she left her New England home and went to the Bahamas.

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January 29, 2006 at 11:38 pm

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