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A 0-0 Is The Goal Of Some Teams

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Wow. The Poland/Germany World Cup game is on and Poland is trying to eek out a 0-0 tie. This would be a win for them because one of their players got red-carded earlier in the game. In the 90th minute two German players, just a few feet away from Poland’s goal, took point-blank shots and hit the crossbar each time. Well this all doesn’t matter because as I’m typing this Germany just scored. Having played several games of soccer as a kid, I can say giving up a goal in the waning minutes of a tied game is probably one of the worst feelings you can get when playing this sport. Well that or unsuccessfully trapping a rock-hard ball with your inner thigh in freezing weather without wearing a jock strap. I think the worst thing about that whole experience was I couldn’t just kneel over and cry, even though I wanted to more than anything else at that moment in time. After I cleared the ball from my area I tried “walking” the pain off. Didn’t work. Not by a long shot.

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June 14, 2006 at 11:50 pm

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Steaking Out A Position On The English Language

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With all the shit that Philadelphia is dealing with – crime, poverty, failing government schools – it’s nice to know they’re going to come down hard on a guy operating a cheesesteak place just because he has a “Speak English when ordering” sign.

The sign contains just eight words and is hardly big enough to wrap around a cheesesteak. But here in South Philadelphia, home of the cheesesteak, the sign that Joey Vento posted at Geno’s Steaks speaks volumes.

It reads: “This Is America. When Ordering Please Speak English.”

Vento, whose Italian grandparents arrived in America unable to speak English, faces a discrimination complaint from the city’s Commission on Human Relations, which said the English-only sign may violate city laws.

At a time when illegal immigration has become a divisive national issue, the tiny sign above the bright orange tile at a local culinary institution has sharpened the debate in a neighborhood founded by Italian immigrants. Though some civic leaders are appalled, many Geno’s customers insist that everyone in America should speak English — and express themselves freely.

“Hey, what happened to freedom of speech?” customer Al Buck asked Tuesday, clutching a hot cheesesteak and sporting a T-shirt with a red, white and blue message: “Welcome to America — Now Speak English.”

Vento, 66, has said the sign is aimed at illegal immigrants in a community where the Mexican population has grown in recent years. He told the Associated Press on Monday that the sign would remain, even if the city fined him. “They would have to handcuff me and take me out because I’m not taking it down,” he said.

City Councilman James F. Kenney has called the sign “divisive and mean-spirited,” not to mention “bad for the neighborhood and bad for tourism.” The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, concerned about the city’s image, reminded everyone that the city values immigrants’ “culture, vibrancy and history.”

A Philadelphia Inquirer editorial called Vento’s policies “boneheaded,” which may explain why he is no longer speaking to the newspaper, or any newspaper.

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June 14, 2006 at 11:47 pm

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Damned If You Do/Don’t

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Is it any surprise that more than a billion of dollars worth of fraud is now coming to light in wake of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath? I’m surprised the amount is that low. In a way I feel for the faceless administrators and pencil pushers that gave away this money like it was water, but not the kind that strands you on your rooftop. After all, if they actually took their time to research each claim and determine whether it was legitimate or not, they would get the third degree for being cold-hearted and dragging their feet while dead bodies were piling up in the Superdome freezer.

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June 14, 2006 at 11:43 pm

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Non-Profit Money Management Indeed

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So I’ve been listening to this financial guy on RIGHT-WING RADIO Dave Ramsey for a while now, and it’s a pretty enjoyable show. Basically, he talks to people about their money matters. I don’t learn much, if anything, from this program, but goddamn are some of his callers funny. There was one the other day that was great. This lady called and said that her and the hubby have more than $200,000 worth of student loan debt between them. The husband went to law school, passed the Bar exam and then became a stay-at-home dad once they produced a little crumb snatcher. Sorry, but when you go to law school you don’t get to be a stay-at-home anything unless it’s a private practice. But the best part was when Dave asked her what she did for a living. She said that she spent more than $100,000 for her Master’s Degree education. And just what was that Degree in? Non-profit Money Management. You can’t make this shit up.

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June 14, 2006 at 11:42 pm

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