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Lette_ of The Law

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I’ll tell you what, wheneve_ I find this cocksucke_ I’m going to kick his ass. G__________________.

A consonant-loving thief has police and business owne_s in G_eencastle, Indiana, baffled afte_ dozens of lette_ “_’s” we_e stolen f_om signs.

The weekend cape_ ta_geted gas stations, _estau_ants, _epai_ shops and medical offices in the small city about 40 miles west of

The thief also nabbed half a dozen lette_s f_om a lighted ma_quee in f_ont of a National Gua_d post.

Putnam Inn manage_ Jane Hansen isn’t su_e how the thief climbed mo_e than six feet off the g_ound to take “_”s f_om a sign in f_ont of he_ motel.

G_eencastle Police said they’ve been notified about the lost lette_s, but many business owne_s a_e choosing not to file _epo_ts because of the natu_e of the c_ime.

You may now pelt me with _otten pe_ishables.


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July 19, 2006 at 10:02 pm

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Being A Tax Cheat Doesn’t Mean This Cheat Should Stop Playing

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The Barry-Bonds-is-getting-indicted talk is getting pretty heated. I heard today that if this were to happen because he didn’t pay some hippie taxes, or whatever the case is, Major League Baseball could suspend him, virtually squashing any remote hope he has at catching Hank Aaron’s home run record. I hope this suspension doesn’t happen. No, I haven’t had a change of heart toward this asshole. I have my reasons.

1) You are always innocent until proven guilty in this country, [unless you’re Tom Delay] and he should be allowed to make a living.

2) I don’t want him in any way to become a sympathetic figure.

3) You thought the fan reaction to him in the early part of this year was funny? Man, it’ll be kicked up a notch or three should he get indicted; keep the funny signs coming.

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July 19, 2006 at 9:59 pm

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Vetoing My Own Opinion

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So W finally decided to exercise the power of his veto pen. And he came so close to going two terms without using it. Of course, instead of x-ing out one of those bloated budgets he goes against embryonic stem-cell research. Now I’m probably on the wrong side of this issue, but there’s just something creepy about this. I can’t explain it, so if anyone wants to go “OMG U PRO-LIFE EXTREMIST U WANTED CHRISTOPHER REEVE TO STAY IN THAT WHEELCHAIR” then go right ahead. And while Bush’s veto is going to supposedly kill millions upon millions of people, what just got rejected? A bill pimping adult stem-cell research. Why? According to the article:

“Opponents, mostly Democrats, said the bill would have given the Republican Santorum and other anti-abortion lawmakers political cover for opposing a related bill that instead would fund embryonic stem cell research.”

Yet republicans are the only ones playing politics with this issue.

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July 19, 2006 at 9:56 pm

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