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kkk Gets Fucked Up

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So yesterday day the better half and I were driving home from work. Her one friend with the relationship problems … oh who am I kidding? ALL her friends have relationship problems. In fact, it’s so bad WE’RE the “normal” couple. But I digress…

Mrs. kkk’s one friend with the relationship problems texted her. The Mrs. then said to me, “Hey, ‘Sarah’ wants to know why men like to have sex with the woman above them?”

Because “Sarah” has had problems in the sack with her Mr. Right, I thought about this question for about 20 seconds then replied with something like, “Because it’s easier for the guy to control himself from finishing and the woman has a better ability to orgasm because she knows her body better than the guy.”

The better half’s response?
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May 23, 2009 at 11:22 pm

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Gay Aiken

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No I don’t care about American Idol all that much. I like Simon Cowell because he’s an asshole, but other than that I don’t pay attention to this show. I might watch the first episode or two of a season to laugh at the freaks, but otherwise this is a show the better half watches.

Now I did pay somewhat attention to this season. One evening Mrs. kkk was watching an episode and I was washing the dishes. Suddenly I heard one of the contestants sing Aerosmith’s “Crying,” and my ears started to bleed. I walked into the living room with a “WTF did I just hear?” look on my face. Mrs. kkk, an Aerosmith fan, had the same look on her face. Well, the judges LOVED it. The hell?

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May 23, 2009 at 11:19 pm

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