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A Goode First Episode? (How Many Times Will I Milk This Play On Words?)

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So I saw that “Goode Family” show last night. I liked it. Which means it will probably get canceled within a month.

I looked through Google News for reviews of the first episode, and there’s one that got my attention. OK, so I looked at two reviews, and this was one of them. Here’s the sub-head, or whatever it’s called:

Mike Judge’s latest tries to hard and in the end doesn’t work


Actually, that might be a fair assessment. Granted I’m not a frequent viewer of scripted television shows (insert political “townhall” joke here), but the few that I’ve seen from start to finish, it always seems that the first episode does go a bit over the top. (My first thought was “The Shield.”) Television is a tough nut to crack, so I would imagine the first episode has to reach out there and grab the audience by the collar and make them want to sit and watch. I did get that vibe from the “Goode Family” episode last night. I also laughed out loud quite a bit, even though most of the “anti-liberal” jokes have been made by me at time or another. I guess the splendor of seeing broadcast on network television made me giggle more than the actual jokes themselves. (For the record, there were a few “conservative” jabs thrown in, and I laughed at those as well.)

Keep in mind the last time I watched (by choice) a prime-time network program Andy Sipowicz was on his first day as squad commander of the 15th Precinct, so I’m not exactly a television connoisseur. However, I will keep watching this show so long as it’s on the air. Although I get the feeling Fox should be airing this program rather than ABC.

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May 28, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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Man-Ramming Through To The All-Star Game

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So a topic on ESPN for the last day or so deals with Manny Ramirez and the fact that despite getting busted with illegal substances (or wanted to be the next Mr. Mom) and serving a 50-game suspension he could possibly start in the July All-Star Game. The topic then becomes should Man Ram be allowed to play if voted in by the fans.

I say sure.

Giving fans the vote for All-Star starting lineups is a joke, and this only further validates my assertion. This also bolsters my faith in the Electoral College. Besides, nothing says “This All-Star Game Counts Because The Winning League Gets Home Field Advantage” like starting someone who has only played a handful of games.

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May 28, 2009 at 7:36 pm

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Losing At The Lottery

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I hope you’re sitting down for this one. My office pool didn’t win the latest Powerball drawing. Yeah, I’m shocked, too.

As I spoke with the coordinator of this recent office pool, I began thinking to myself: Why is it that office pools start up when a lottery jackpot reaches $100+ million? Now if an office does a weekly batch of lottery tickets, that’s one thing. However, to suddenly go, “OK, I think $90 million is an acceptable amount to start throwing our money away,” doesn’t make sense. You’re GOING TO LOSE whether the jackpot is $1 million or $100 million. Then again, someone always has to win this crock.

You know, part of me wants to win the lottery just so I can go up on that stage during the press conference and say, “And for all these years I thought the lottery was a waste of money, especially for the disproportionate amount of people who squander their limited capital on a near-impossible chance of winning.” Either that or answer the question of lump sum/annuity with, “Lump sum because I don’t know what President Hussein has in store for me after this tax year.”

Of course then the NY Times will mysteriously discover all the gay porn I download, to which I’ll accuse the Gray Lady of being homophobic. And good times will be had by all.

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May 28, 2009 at 7:31 pm

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