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Convenience Store Thieves Of The World Unite

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For those that wonder why I say “in my redneck of the woods,” here’s why. The dateline to this story is about an hour south of me.

UNIONTOWN, Pa. (AP) – Police are searching for three masked teens who burst into a southwestern Pennsylvania convenience store, but were content to steal only several bags of potato chips and bottles of soda. Uniontown police said the bandits struck about 12:45 a.m. Monday at a Sunoco A Plus store.

Police said the thieves dropped a bag of chips at the scene which will be analyzed for fingerprints and other evidence.

Police have no suspects, but said all three were wearing dark hooded sweatshirts.

As an aside, for those George Romero fans who thought the “Uniontown” city in “Land of the Dead” was supposed to be some political statement about the zombies banding together to take on the corporation-ey living … well, you may be correct. However, Uniontown IS a legit location not far from Shittsburgh, as proven in the above article.

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July 1, 2009 at 8:58 pm

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Win Or Lose, Ice Cream Is Always A Hit

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So the niece-in-law has been playing softball for a few years now and really likes it. Last year her team made it to the league’s championship game and lost. This year she got bumped up to a new age bracket (10-to-12 years, I think), and with a new set of teammates older than her she still managed to make it to the big game.

Unfortunately for her the result was the same.

In fact, it was worse: the score was 20-3.

Now I was in attendance for the semi-final game, and her team played pretty darn good — especially in the field. From what the better half told me, that wasn’t the case in the finals. When I asked if the niece-in-law was taking the loss to heart, here is what she said after the game:

“I was getting ice cream anyway if we win or lose.” Not a bad way to look at things. Not bad at all.

While I’m on this subject, there was one moment in the semi-final game I want to comment on. The niece’s team was up by a considerable amount of runs, and there was an incident while her team was batting that needs telling. Someone on the niece’s team got a hit and the runner on first rounded second. While watching this, I noticed that the thrid-base coach was telling the runner to hold up. The runner looked confused and started running to third base. The throw came in plenty of time to tag the runner out, but the third basemen (or woman, as the case may be) missed the ball. The coach then waved the runner home and she easily scored.

Several parents from the fielding team then proceeded to throw a fit at the coach for running up the score. Fuck that. There was no attempt to showboat. The runner made a mistake and the fielder botched the play. Personally, I would be more insulted if the runner stayed at third base. But you know what: if that’s the worst example of parent behavior at a youth sporting event, then I’m not complaining.

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July 1, 2009 at 8:52 pm

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