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Listening To Night Ranger At Ten In The Morning

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So on Friday I went to my happy place in the shopping world. Did I visit a manly huntin’ store? Not even close. Did I appease my metrasexual side and buy some snazzy threads? N*gga plz. Where did I go?

The place is called CD Warehouse, but I just refer to it as the Used CD Store. I go there every few weeks and peruse through the rows and rows of discs, looking for more additions to my collection. Yeah, I can download this stuff for free off the Internet — and I do — but sometimes you just gotta have that disc in your hands. Besides, you can always convert the CDs to MP3 anyway. And I do get a strange sense of calm when looking through the music selections. Hey, there are worse things to do out there: I could be smoking crack instead.

When I go to this place I tend to get albums I would never consider buying new. The prices are reasonable ($2-$8), and there’s always a buy three-get-one-free deal. Generally the bill is $20-$25 for four CDs. I’m not complaining. One type of CD I tend to get at this place are “greatest hits” albums. My thinking is that these offerings already have a few songs I know about, then I can take a “risk” and listen to several other tracks that might be good. If I really like the album I might check out more of the artist’s stuff. Such was the case when I stumbled upon a Night Ranger’s Greatests Hits CD.

I’m not the biggest Night Ranger fan out there, but are several songs I know from them and like which were on this album. Sister Christian? Check. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me? Check? Sentimental Street? Oh hell yeah — I love that song. But what I like most about getting these albums are the songs you like but don’t realize a certain group actually produced. As I gave this CD a listen last night I came across “Four In The Morning” and got a “They made THAT song, too?” moment. I used to listen to this all the time as a kid but never bothered to learn who actually composed the song. And to be fair, it’s one of those titles that doesn’t use the chorus but rather a one-time reference in the first verse. How’s a kid supposed to know this song isn’t called “I Can’t Take Anymore” or “It’s Such A Hard Time Loving You”?

Having not watched this for about the last 20 years, I can see this is yet another ’80s video that has aged oh so gracefully. I think my favorite part is at 0:45 when amidst all the action they’re still trying to lip sync the song’s lyrics, even though they weren’t seconds prior.

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July 5, 2009 at 10:01 am

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