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Beam Me Away From This Enterprise

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I’ve been sitting on this for more than a week. Well, actually I forgot about this for a few days, but now it’s time.

So last month I had to go to my mother’s wedding. A wedding to a guy she’s known for 16 months and dated for three. I have no inheritance lined up, so I don’t care. But what I do care about is putting several hundred miles on the recently paid off nine-month old Suzuki. Whenever I have a situation like this, I like to rent a car. Last April when I had to drive from Shittsburgh to BuffaLOL (My God what a shithole) I rented a car. A few years back when I had to travel to Connecticut (another place I never care to revisit) I did the same thing. Why put extra wear and tear on the kkk household’s only car? It’s got to get us to work five days a week. I certainly don’t want to throw on an additional 500-1000 miles, especially for an event like this. But I digress.

There’s this little Enterprise place not too far from where I live, and that is where I have always done business. Why? I have no idea where the other rental places are. Besides, I’m not a picky person. I show up. They have a car. I drive it. It’s never broken down so I have had no reason to go somewhere else. Yeah, I’m a real picky customer. Anyway, I needed the rental car for the weekend of June 26-28. I can’t remember exactly when I made the reservation, but I’m sure it was Saturday June 6. Why? Because it was a Saturday when I drove to the rental place and my reservation took place on a June date in the single digits. Process of elimination.

So there I was. I made my reservation three weeks before I needed the vehicle. And all was right with the world.

Or so I thought.

On Friday, June 26 I get a phone call at 11:20 a.m. The caller ID says “Enterprise.” Now the car pickup is for noon, so I figure they are calling to make sure my cracker-ass is showing up. The following conversation took place:

“Hello. Is this kkk?”
“Hi. I’m Shelly from Enterprise. You have a rental scheduled for noon.”
“We don’t have your car available. Can you pick your car up later in the day?”
“Uhhhh, how much later?”
“5 p.m.”
“I can’t do that. 5 p.m. is when I have to be at my destination and it’s a four-to-five hour drive.”

Now here is where the conversation REALLY gets good. I asked what happened to my reservation. Shelly (or whatever her name was) goes on to BLAME THE ECONOMY on my reservation not being available. Her explanation was that because they are not a large center and don’t do much business (due in part to current economic conditions) they don’t get many cars.

The reservation was made THREE WEEKS AGO.

If your car rental business is that slow whereas you can’t bring in a vehicle for a reservation made THREE WEEKS AGO, then why in the blue hell are you in business at all? Look, I know you’re supposed to get all weepy and boo-hoo whenever a business closes, but sometimes there are businesses that deserve to get deep-sixed. And if I ever see a “Closed” sign at this place, I won’t shake my head and go, “Damn you President Hussein. How many more businesses must feel the wrath of your socalist schemes?” Well, I probably will, but it’ll be all in good fun.

Now I wasn’t born yesterday. I’m sure Shelly’s line of b.s. was due to a double-booking gone bad, or just an oversight in general, but damn was it funny nevertheless.

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July 6, 2009 at 8:56 pm

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