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Bleeping That Doesn’t Annoy Me

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So I started watching Season 11 of South Park UNCENSORED. Meh, I actually like having the REALLY bad words bleeped out rather than actually heard. Better comedic value, in my opinion.

But not in this instance…

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July 7, 2009 at 10:25 pm

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Getting A Boost Of Outrage During The Morning Commute

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So I was driving to work today when I realized that the Car Gods must know I just paid off my Suzuki.

As I was happily moving along Rt. 30, I took note of the public works truck stopped in the right-hand lane. I drive in the right-hand lane. This truck was parked halfway on the curb and halfway on the road. What’s the fucking point? You don’t have nearly enough space to squeeze by, and Rt. 30 is too busy a stretch of road to scoot on by in part of another lane. To make matters better, I was at a complete stop and traffic was going at least 50 mph; there was no way I could safely get around into the left-hand lane. The problem when you become trapped like this is that whenever you do see an opening, the vehicle behind you jumps in line and gives you no chance at getting in. I can live with that. After all, it’s survival of the fittest out on the Great Interstate of Life. What pissed me off however was that this public works truck could have gone into a pair of EMPTY PARKING LOTS but instead chose to park its ass in the direction of oncoming traffic. And to make matters funnier, one of these empty lots was for a church. Guys, I’m sure Jesus won’t mind you pulling in to do whatever it is that you are doing if it means staying off a DANGEROUS STRETCH OF ROAD THAT COULD GET YOU AND OTHER MOTORISTS KILLED.

After a while I finally managed to catch an opening and drive through. I of course blasted the horn and gave these assholes the middle-finger salute. Had my bottle of morning Boost been empty I probably would have chucked it at them as well.

I’m actually a cautious driver, especially in construction zones or when there are workers and orange cones. I usually go the reduced speed limit, and if anyone is even near my vehicle I go even slower. However, when you suddenly make me become the target of possible harm, that’s when I turn green — and I don’t mean in a hybrid sort of way.

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July 7, 2009 at 10:12 pm

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