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Swindell Statue

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Oh I can’t wait until my local RIGHT-WING Tribune-Review newpaper gets a hold of this. They are going to have an absolute field day.

When they go and collect the career highlights of Ed Rendell, there’s no doubt the Pennsylvania Governor will find this piece of videotape from The Pittsburgh Channel prominently featured.

In the 2009-2010 battle of the budget, Rendell said state workers should “put a statue of me on the mantel,” for the way he is trying to save jobs.

Rendell’s budget, which includes a hike in the personal income tax, would save more jobs than any bill brought forth by Senate or House Republicans. However, in the public relations battle, this round does not go exactly Rendell’s way.

Look for this priceless quote about 1:33 into the segment. The TV station that produced the clip, wtaetv, has disabled their 2:40 video clip so as to not allow it to be shared across the Web. No doubt they are the proud owners of a very popular little clip.

Here’s the video clip.

I may not be a Keystone State employee, but I’ll get a statue of Fast Eddie anyway. It won’t go up on my mantle (I don’t think I even have a mantle), but rather out in the yard. This Tower of Tribute will also have a bull’s-eye on top of its head to give the birds better aim.

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July 14, 2009 at 11:49 pm

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The Cat’s Meow (Or Purr)

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A cat’s purr normally says, “I’m happy.”


Not with this bitch.

With her a purr usually means, “Even though I hopped up on you, I forbid you to pet me and I’m about to gnaw your hand.”

Wait, there’s more.

But a new study suggests some purrs send cat owners a much different message: “Feed me!”

Researchers found that purrs of hungry cats included a higher-pitched sound, somewhat like a cry or meow. They played recordings of these purrs from 10 cats to 50 human volunteers. Even people who’d never owned a cat found them to be more urgent and less pleasant than contented purrs from the same animals.

These food-seeking purrs may exploit the way humans naturally respond to a baby’s cry, the researchers suggest. Not all cats use this strategy, but some apparently learn to turn it on when they see it’s effective in getting a human to feed them, Karen McComb of the University of Sussex in England said in a statement.

Is that so? Whenever it’s feeding time at my zoo I don’t hear purrs. I hear whining and crying. Then again, our clan (all four of them) gets regulated feedings. Three times a day — 1/8 cup in the morning when we wake up, 1/4 cup in the afternoon after work and 1/8 cup right before bed. If you were in our house during one of these three feeding times, you’d think you were at a refugee camp when the rice truck pulled up.

Here’s what usually happens. These two (JJ, gray; Max, black)…


…go running around in circles crying. Dessa (the brown bitch) will stay in one place and swat/lunge at either one of these two that get too close to her, which usually means a 5-foot radius from where she resides. Then there’s the newest member, Bella, who for now keeps her distance until the food gets placed onto the ground and then goes in for the kill.


Now here’s the really fun part. Dessa and JJ get the Mature Adult Science Diet, Bella gets the Regular Adult Science Diet and Max gets some special brand to help him pee. Because of this, everyone needs to be fed in a separate room. JJ is usually by himself, Bella usually eats in the bathroom with the door closed, and Max and Dessa usually eat in the bedroom with the door closed. Why? Because if let loose, everyone will go to everyone else’s bowl. Bella will go over to JJ’s dish, JJ will go over to Max’s dish and Max will go to Bella’s dish. (Everyone usually leaves Dessa alone until the rest of the food in the other three bowls are finished. Then they wait like vultures over a lion eating a dead wildebeest.)

This happens three times a day.

Every day.

And did I forget to mention that yesterday the Queen Bitch decided to pee on the bed for the first time in her 10-year existence? It’s not because she’s sick. It’s part of her nonstop temper tantrum because of us making Bella a permanent member of our feline family. But that’s another story for another time…

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July 14, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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Flying Is For The Dogs

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So I saw the headline on Drudge, and I’m sure a lot of people are thinking, “Oh God what a stupid idea.” But you know what? I’m going to give this a once-over, because I think this could have merit.

One trip for their Jack Russell terrier in a plane’s cargo hold was enough to convince Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel that owners needed a better option to get their pets from one city to another.

On Tuesday, the first flight for the husband-and-wife team’s Pet Airways, the first-ever all-pet airline, took off from Republic Airport in Farmingdale, N.Y.

All commercial airlines allow a limited number of small pets to fly in the cabin. Others must travel as checked bags or in the cargo hold—a dark and sometimes dangerous place where temperatures can vary wildly.

Binder and Wiesel used their consulting backgrounds and business savvy to start Pet Airways in 2005. The last four years have been spent designing their fleet of five planes according to new four-legged requirements, dealing with FAA regulations and setting up airport schedules.

The two say they’re overwhelmed with the response. Flights on Pet Airways are already booked up for the next two months.

Pet Airways will fly a pet between five major cities—New York, Washington, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. The $250 one-way fare is comparable to pet fees at the largest U.S. airlines.

For owners the big difference is service. Dogs and cats will fly in the main cabin of a Suburban Air Freight plane, retooled and lined with carriers in place of seats. Pets (about 50 on each flight) will be escorted to the plane by attendants that will check on the animals every 15 minutes during flight. The pets are also given pre-boarding walks and bathroom breaks. And at each of the five airports it serves, the company has created a “Pet Lounge” for future fliers to wait and sniff before flights.

The company will operate out of smaller, regional airports in the five launch cities, which will mean an extra trip for most owners dropping off their pets if they are flying too. Stops in cities along the way means the pets will take longer to reach a destination than their owners.

A trip from New York to Los Angeles, for example, will take about 24 hours. On that route, pets will stop in Chicago, have a bathroom break, play time, dinner, and bunk for the night before finishing the trip the next day.

I hope this works out. I can’t imagine leaving any of my four cats in the cargo section of a plan while children get to freely run around. Sure the economic conditions will probably make this a challenging endeavor, but this is what America is all about — finding opportunity. That is, of course, until you find too much opportunity and President Hussein and Barney Fwank decide that you’ve had too much opportunity and that you need to spread some of your opportunity around to those that don’t have opportunity.

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July 14, 2009 at 9:09 pm

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