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Kicked Out Of The Kiosk

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You know, in this HUSSEIN RECESSION, shouldn’t we be trying to keep businesses afloat, especially those that don’t ask for a government bailout?

“Impeach Osama.”

“Al Qaeda’s favorite days: 9/11/01 and 11/04/08.”

“Work Harder. Osama needs the money.”

The bumper stickers and posters sold at “Free Market Warrior” at Concord Mills are meant to be “biting,” the kiosk’s owner Loren Spivack said.

At least one passerby found them racist and bigoted, and took time to tell the mall in a letter and a letter to the editor of the Charlotte Observer.

Whatever your opinion, the fact is this: At the end of July, Free Market Warrior will not be allowed at Concord Mills Mall. The kiosk chain’s owner shared e-mail correspondence with NewsChannel 36 that explains that the mall management has decided that the items sold are not “neutral” enough. The lease will be allowed to expire July 31, 2009 without an option to renew…

“Aren’t neutral enough” — The hell? Did anyone from mall management ever LOOK at this stand?

…”Nobody in that mall is selling anything from a conservative perspective. Plenty of people are selling things with a liberal perspective, with a pro-Osama perspective,” he said. “Given that we are in America and not North Korea…

Just you wait.

…we probably should have some stuff on the other side.”

Spivack says he is careful not to sell things that personally attack a politician and wants a fair exchange of ideas. “The material that I sell is about politics and ideas,” he told Newschannel 36. “It’s all legitimate criticism.”

Suuuure. I bet it is. In other news, KK’s Korner is all about high-minded debate and civil discourse.

And what a shock. The commie who is all butt-hurt about the Kiosk of Intolerance is a recent college graduate.

Spivack says the company first contacted him about his lease after a letter to the editor appeared in the Charlotte Observer. The author, recent UNC-Charlotte graduate Jennifer Ibanez, wrote”

“Free Market Warrior, a kiosk located adjacent to Bass Pro Shops, specializes in memorabilia embellished with pro-confederacy statements as well as those opposing both the government and President Hussein. In addition, these products support ideas such as racisms, sexism, and even slavery. While freedom of speech is a Constitutional right it’s difficult not to believe that something just isn’t quite right here.

The kiosk’s location is probably my favorite part of this whole article. I still laugh whenever I read that line.

“I find it appalling that Concord Mills, North Carolina’s #1 visitor attraction, would condone such a message to be portrayed by their vendors and can’t imagine how the outside visitors’ perceptions of North Carolinians have been skewed by such an establishment.

Whoa, what? North Carolina’s #1 attraction is a MALL?! Sorry. I’ll continue.

“It’s hard to stay open-minded when such uncivilized and outdated ideas are endorsed on a daily basis. It’s 2009; please, let’s at least try to put this type of bigotry to an end.”

And let’s see what this lover of the First Amendment went on to THREATEN.

Ibanez told NewsChannel 36 she was so offended, she wrote the mall as well. She says a friend of hers also wrote in. Both threatened not to return to Concord Mills.

Oh noes! But wait, let’s dig deeper into this story.

The owner of the mall group, Mel Simon, has been a generous contributor to Democratic causes and politicians, including President Hussein. Spivack thinks the decision about his lease is political.

Now the truth comes out. It always does.

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July 22, 2009 at 8:55 pm

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Searching For Answers

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Dear KK’s Korner Reader:

I don’t care how you found or reached my little piece of cyberspace. And believe me I’ve seen some … interesting … search results from you people. I’ve been part of the WordPress family for about a month. And while the most popular search terms during this time have been:

“Osama half-breed muslin”
“Osama muslin”

I never once batted an eye. Not even when one search result was simply titled “aaaaargh.”

But now I have to say something.

Here’s the list of today’s top searches:

“erin andrews in front of mirror”
“erin andrews was secretly videotaped”
“erin andrews videotaped”
“osama is a pirate.”

Come on now; “osama is a pirate.” Have we really sunk that low?

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July 22, 2009 at 4:29 pm

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