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R U Wit Dis Theory, Yo?

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So I’m in the midst of burning a bunch of my old cassettes to CDs. Well, actually I’ve only done three to date with 100-plus to go, so “midst” might be wishful thinking. Anyway, I think I may have stumbled onto something when it comes the hip-hop world.

As most people who have listened to this genre might have noticed, there are a number of abbreviations/slang words on rap album covers/sleeves/inserts. For example, “With” is often replaced by “Wit.” “This” is often replaced by “Dis.” Then there’s “Ya” for “You.” I could go on, but you get the idea.

For years I just figured this was a way for rappers to look hard. After all, we don’t need no skkkool, yo, where the cracker establishment teaches … uh, lies, ‘n stuff. Well as I was burning a cassette to CD this morning I had another theory. Perhaps it’s not the rappers coming up with these wacky language revisions.

Perhaps it’s the album’s graphic artists.

For those people that create an album’s cover and track listing, I’m thinking they could be shortening words/phrases just so they can fit everything onto one line. There’s only so much magic the tracking and kerning tools can do before the text becomes too close together that it looks bad.

Take for example the inside track listings for Da Lench Mob’s “Guerillas In Tha Mist” cassette album.


A nice little compilation of “kill Whitey” tracks that invites you to take out the nearest Devil holding you down. Here’s a listing of the fine songs you can enjoy by purchasing this musical offering.


While titles like “Capital Punishment In America” have to be two lines long, “Who Ya Gonna Shoot Wit That” was probably spared the same fate due to the tightening up of character spaces thanks to “Ya” not being “You” and “Wit” not being “With.”

“But kkk,” you might be thinking, “‘Inside Tha Head Of A Black Man’ is two lines deep and has a similar text alteration.”

But this just proves my point even more. “Tha” should have been “Da.” Case closed.

To think all this time it might not be rappers actually coming up with these new word variations. Perhaps lazy graphic artists are creating today’s urban vernacular. Believe me, I know these graphic artists are lazy, especially when it comes to spell-checking the stuff on the inside of these album covers. Good God.

“But kkk. The album cover has ‘Tha’ instead of ‘The’ and there’s no need for the ‘a’ to replace the ‘e’ because it doesn’t make a difference in spacing.”

I could say that the graphic artist is just trying to be consistent with making “the” as “tha” and “with” as “wit.” After all, it wouldn’t make sense to have some words look like Whitey wrote them and have others look hardcore. But if I went with this explanation it would mean that the graphic artist is actually putting in more work with gunning for consistency than spacing. So I’m going to do what any good conspiracy theorist will do in a case like this. I’m just going to ignore this point altogether.

Besides, only a White Devil would ask some bitch-ass question like that. And you know what happens to devils around here…

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July 26, 2009 at 1:53 pm

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Kitty Quarantine

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So the better half and I reached a compromise of sorts on the bitch…


Backstory Post 1

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…she is going to be quarantined up in the spare bedroom when nobody’s home or when we’re off to bed. When one of us is home she is going to be allowed out, but the doors to the main bedroom and basement will be closed — her typical “stomping grounds.” If she decides to relieve herself outside of a litterbox after this, then… well… I’m sure there are Asian meat markets willing to adopt.

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July 26, 2009 at 1:20 pm

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