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Twittering My Thumbs

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Only 40 percent? Damn, that’s way lower than I thought it would score.

Forty percent of the messages on Twitter are “pointless babble” along the lines of “I am eating a sandwich now,” according to a study conducted by a US market research firm.

Pear Analytics, based in San Antonio, Texas, said that it randomly sampled 2,000 messages from the public stream of Twitter and separated them into six categories.

The categories were: news, spam, self-promotion, pointless babble, conversational and pass-along value.

Pear said “pointless babble” accounted for 811 “tweets” or 40.55 percent of the total number of messages sampled.

I don’t get Twitter. I don’t want Twitter. Then again, back in 2005 I probably said the same thing about blogs. And the world is a much better place for me changing my mind about that topic.


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August 17, 2009 at 8:24 pm

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Hating Defense Lawyers Is Not A Crime

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I love scumbag shithead lawyers. And by “love” I mean “take out into a field and beat the ever-loving shit out of them.”

One of four people facing a possible death sentence in the carjacking, rape and murder of a young Tennessee couple was a “coward” who should have stopped the killings, his attorney said as his trial began Monday.

The attorney said, however, that Letalvis “Rome” Cobbins wasn’t a killer. Cobbins, 26, of Lebanon, Ky., pleaded guilty to five counts of facilitating a robbery or theft and one count of rape as prosecutors formally read the 38 counts against him in the January 2007 abduction and torture deaths of Channon Christian, 21, and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, 23.

So he’s not a killer. Just a robber and rapist. That’s MUCH better. How do these people things sleep at night?

Cobbins’ attorney Scott Green said his client “manned up” to the crime.

“Manned up.” lol.

Oh? It takes five paragraphs to learn THIS…

Cobbins pleaded not guilty to the other counts, including two counts of first-degree murder in the racially charged case. Prosecutors must prove he directly participated in the killings and have said they will seek the death penalty if he is convicted.

And seven paragraphs for THIS…

The victims were white and middle class, and the defendants are poor and black. Some conservative Internet commentators and white supremacist agitators accused the national media of reverse discrimination by failing to give the case the same attention paid to white-on-black hate crimes.

Uh-oh. I smell a….



How the parents of these poor victims have not yet killed everyone associated with the defense team — lawyers AND defendants — is beyond me. Wouldn’t blame them one bit either.

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August 17, 2009 at 8:17 pm

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DeLay This Opening Act

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You know, if liberals were smart, they would want DeLay to stay on this show for as long as possible just for the sheer embarrassment factor. Good God.

Dancing With The Stars is a long way from Washington D.C.’s world of politics, so we’re anxious to see just how well this Texas native can do the two-step!

One of the most influential Republican figures in the early 2000s, Tom DeLay rose through the ranks in the United States House of Representatives to become the Majority Leader of the Republican Party. His aggressive “Grow the Vote” method of party discipline, where he never lost a vote, earned him the nickname of “The Hammer” from the Washington Post.

The site is loaded with overwhelmingly angry comments from the entitled Left show’s fans making it clear the choice of Delay will cost ABC viewers:

* This is the most despicable, self centered man in the country.
* I will only start watching after he has been eliminated.
* This man is a criminal!!!! I live in Texas and this is a big state. Maybe DWS thought we might like to see this guy slither across the dance floor. WRONG! The man is a criminal!!!!

This man is a disgusting loser. Why on earth would you have a viewer repellant [sic] on a once most fabulous show. I’m wondering if he is blackmailing the casting director. Don’t think I’ll watch this season unless I hear he is voted off the island..sorry..just sayin’

Actually, the “criminal” comment made me chuckle, especially after reading one of the comments from where this story was originally published.

It’s funny that they keep commenting about DeLay being a CRIMINAL… yet… DeLay was merely indicted by a clearly partisan prosecutor.. he has not been convicted…

However… Michael Irvin IS a criminal and he was announced for this season. And last season Li’l Kim was a fan-favorite on the show and she was ALSO a convicted felon (They even made light of it on the show by having her dance to “Jail House Rock”.)

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August 17, 2009 at 8:06 pm

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