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Not Free Of Stupidity

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So I noticed tonight while grocery shopping that the “Caffeine Free Pepsi” I buy from time-to-time isn’t “Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi.”

150 calories, 40 carbs/sugar per can.


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August 18, 2009 at 10:06 pm

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Your Own Worst Enemy

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So last night I was watching the Panthers/Giants game. Other than the starters, I have no idea who was on the field. I only watched the first half of the game, but one thing I noticed was that a number of players, particularly on the Panthers’ side, were making their fair share of mistakes — fumbles, dropped passes, etc.

And I felt bad for them.

Look, many of these guys will not play in the NFL. And while it’s one thing to be cut because the people in front of you are much more gifted physically, or to be the victim of playing a position where your team has a stockpile of talent on the depth chart, it’s another thing to have your time in the spotlight and flub. But to get cut because of a preventable mistake like a dropped pass, fumble or even several penalties … well, that’s going to stick with someone for a long time, especially if they don’t get signed by another team. I can’t even begin to imagine the “what ifs” going through a released player’s head.

What if I had tucked the ball into my chest instead of looking downfield?

What if I didn’t try to go for that extra yard and fumbled?

It’s one thing to get beaten out by someone. It’s another thing to beat yourself. Then again, many times you usually end up competing against yourself.

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August 18, 2009 at 9:54 pm

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