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Trying To Crack This Time-Of-Death Mystery

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I have no clue who this guy is, but I wish I knew his time of death. That way I could say “AM died in the PM.”

More details have emerged regarding the shocking, sudden death of Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, who was found dead in his New York apartment August 28th…

…As Rock Daily previously reported, after the NYPD broke down the door, police found Goldstein dead in bed, with a crack pipe and prescription pills nearby. According to People, a half bag of crack cocaine was also recovered from Goldstein’s apartment.

Actually, for some reason the better half was talking about this story today. I then associated this person with hip-hop. Mrs. kkk asked why I would do that — he wasn’t a rapper. I then had to explain that many rappers had a dj in the background producing the phat beats. Oh well.

I have no idea where this entry is going. Might as well bust out what’s being played as I type and leave on a high note.

Written by kkktookmybabyaway

August 31, 2009 at 10:08 pm

Posted in Entertainment

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