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My Speling/Grammer Is Gooder Then You’res

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Oh who gives a shit?

A French essayist has launched a one-man crusade against France’s arcane spelling rules, coming out at 75 as a dictionary dunce and insisting it is a doomed art in the age of the text message.

As millions of French children file back to class for the new school year, Francois de Closets, a prominent writer, journalist and TV presenter, decided to admit his shortcomings in a pamphlet called “Zero Mistakes.”

“Lots of countries have problems with their spelling. What makes France different is that we have elevated spelling to the status of a cult,” he told AFP. “People who can’t spell are stigmatised.”

“Make a mistake on science or geography and people will forgive you. But an accent in the wrong place, and it’s as if you’ve insulted the cross or Allah…”

Uh oh. He put the cross ahead of Allah. Don’t you know that’s one of the worst things you can do to a Muslim male?

…Closets says many French adults live in fear…

So what’s new?

…of a hiccup — in a letter, a job resume or an email — that will harm them in the eyes of an employer, a client or even a friend.

Well no shit. Americans live in fear of screwing up a resume. And if I had a friend who got pissed off because of a type-o, then good riddance.

Hammering home the point, French newspapers gleefully printed details this month of a press pack from the new education minister, Luc Chatel, that was riddled with gross errors.

Poor example. Picking out mistakes from the education minister’s press pack is fair game. The media often use that stupid “spelling in content” (sic) notation on people they don’t like when correcting their writing/speech in an article.

With the advent of email and text messaging, where teenagers the world over chop up and subvert words as a sign of rebellion, Closets is convinced the days of classical spelling are numbered.

“I think we are at a crucial turning point,” he told AFP.

“People are writing more and more — in emails, blogs or text messages. But nowadays writing is not about laying down words in stone — it is about conversation, it is a flux, not something intended to last.”

Rather than fight the tide, he would like to see electronic spellcheckers handed out in schools, and for some of the more bizarre words in the dictionary to be simplified.

OK, now I do agree with him about blogs/texts/etc. Shit, most of the mistakes I find in KK’s Korner usually come days after an entry gets posted. But here’s the thing: KK’s Korner is a stupid (and I mean stupid) blog that I just type stuff out, oftentimes without a second thought. Whenever I actually used to write for a paycheck, I was MUCH more meticulous.

KK’s Korner < paying the mortgage.

But as for the spellcheckers and simplified "bizarre" words. N*gga plz. Then again, I was a kid when the big debate about calculators being allowed in the classroom was going on so what do I know?

Oh hell no.

They have produced a series of booklets calling for hundreds of everyday words to be brought closer to phonetic spelling, with double letters and silent endings excised.

Look, the written word is a hard thing to master. And frankly, if you get butthurt about hanging prepositions and dangling modifiers, then go join your hippie friends at some coffee store and jerk off to NPR.

I’ve never been much of a grammar Nazi. If you can convey your message to your audience, and your audience is informed/entertained/etc., then you did your job.

And now for the voice of reason in all this.

But teachers and linguists reacted coolly, arguing that ironing out spelling oddities will not help those children who misspell because they lack a basic grasp of grammar, and how words and concepts fit together.

“Writing is the wisdom of language. Good, grammatical spelling is a sign of clear thinking,” argued the linguist Alain Bentollia in Le Figaro newspaper.

Preach on, Alain. Then again, that whole concepts/clear thinking mumbo jumbo pretty much shoots down anything I have typed up at KK’s Korner. 😦


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September 9, 2009 at 10:46 pm

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He Stole Her Purse, She Stole His Heart

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There are some stories where you just keep quiet and let the reader read on. This is one such tale.

A US robber who went back to the scene of the crime to ask his victim out on a date was arrested after the woman chatted with him while her cousin called police.

Diana Martinez was parked in front of her Columbus, Ohio, apartment when three men pointed a gun at her head and stole her purse and her friend’s wallet, local media report.

Martinez screamed and hit one of the men with her car door. They fled when a nearby neighbor threatened them.

But less than an hour later, Martinez spotted one of the men leaning against a banister overlooking the parking lot.

“He asked if I had a boyfriend,” Diana Martinez told 10TV News.

Then he asked her out.

“We are not exactly sure what he was thinking at the time,” said Columbus police Sgt. Sean Laird.

Stephfon Bennett, 20, was charged with aggravated robbery, the station reported. The other two men remain at large.

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September 9, 2009 at 10:26 pm

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Idolizing Ellen?

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I have nothing against Ellen, but how the hell did she get this gig?

Ellen DeGeneres is dancing her way into the fourth judge’s seat on “American Idol.” Fox announced Wednesday the talk show host and comedian, who admittedly has no formal music experience other than a passion for tunes, would join Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi for the ninth season starting in January.

Please note when I say I have nothing against Ellen, that doesn’t necessarily mean I think she’s even remotely funny. With that being said, I thought she did a great job voice-acting in “Finding Nemo.”

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September 9, 2009 at 10:19 pm

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Comcastic Service

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You know, for as much shit as the cable companies get, I have always had a positive experience with them. First it was Comcast in Sappy Valley. Then it was Time-Warner in Ohio. Then it was Comcast again.

I was on some discounted bundle package for the past three years: Internet/phone/cable for a discounted price. When this package was set to expire in August I called the Comcast people to find out when my promotion will expire. I was told the end of September and that the last billing statement which will feature the discounted price will tell me this is the last statement which will have the discounted price.

Guess what my most recent billing statement had? Yep, the non-discounted price. No warning.

This evening I called Comcast and told them what happened. I was calm. I was rational. I had my last three bills out in front of me, and I told the customer service representative everything that on each statement. Turns out the promotional package expired in August and that my previous billing statement should have noted this. It didn’t. Comcast was viewing my billing statement from their end and the sales representative said that I was correct and that there wasn’t any notification on the bill.

So I got another discounted package that will be prorated on the next billing statement. End of story.

Yeah, Comcast fucked up. But they fixed the problem. Believe it or not, most of the time sometimes I’m not an asshole.

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September 9, 2009 at 10:12 pm

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Giving Pryor A Pass On This One

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Well, in Terrelle’s defense, he did live in Jeannette.

During No. 6 Ohio State’s narrow 31-27 victory over Navy on Saturday, Pryor had the word “Vick” on the eyeblack sticker under his left eye. Under his right eye was “Mika” which he said referred to his sister. Vick served 18 months in federal prison for his involvement in a dogfighting ring before signing with the Philadelphia Eagles last month.

“I always looked up to Mike Vick and I always will, because I still think he is one of the best quarterbacks,” Pryor said. “I love Mike Vick…”

…”I know what happened with him and, I mean, I don’t want to talk much,” Pryor said. “I’m just going to be very short and sweet with it but I just feel he made his mistake and I think he just needs more support.”

“Not everybody is the perfect person in the world,” Pryor said of Vick. “Everyone does — kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me. I just feel that people need to give him a chance.”

Here’s all you need to know about Jeannette. The gutter trash that we adopted Bella out to live there, in addition to my welfare trash relatives. (The toothless Mexican clan, for those old-skkkool enough to remember those stories from the other place.

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