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Poking Holes At Minimum Wage “Comforts”

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So this article appeared in my local fishwrap today.

Colorado’s minimum wage will drop slightly in the new year — the first decrease in any state’s minimum wage since the federal minimum was adopted in 1938.

Colorado’s wage is falling 3 cents an hour, from $7.28 to the federal level of $7.25. That’s because Colorado is one of 10 states that tie the state minimum wage to inflation. The goal is to protect low-wage workers from having unchanged paychecks as the cost of living goes up.

But Colorado’s provision also allows wage declines, and the state’s consumer price index fell 0.6 percent last year, so the minimum wage is going down.

The lower consumer price index, attributed to lower fuel prices, would have forced the wage down 4 cents an hour, But no state can go below the federal minimum of $7.25.

Thirteen other states and the District of Columbia will keep a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum, according to the Labor Department. Alaska will join them today when its minimum wage rises 50 cents to $7.75.

Read the following quote.

Colorado’s drop is small — but those among the estimated 48,000 residents earning the minimum shook their heads at the possibility of pay cut.

“It is hard to make it, hard to get by,” said John Mullen, 50, an out-of-work construction worker waiting for a bus on a bitterly cold New Year’s Eve in Denver. Mullen said he remembers making minimum wage at a factory and having enough for small comforts.

“You’d get paid every Friday, have enough money to go catch a poker game or take your girl out to a dinner,” Mullen said. “But the law is the law. What can you do?”

If you’re making MINIMUM WAGE you shouldn’t be catch POKER GAMES or going out to dinner. Sorry if that sounds mean, but that’s life. I remember making minimum wage at a shit job upon graduating college. Know what I did? I got a second job. (Whose pay wasn’t much better, but it helped keep the lights on and food on the table.)

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January 1, 2010 at 5:35 pm

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Wanting To Take PC Police Outback And Flogged

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So I’m watching the Outback Bowl and Auburn is leading Northwestern 21-7 at the half. Regardless of whether or not Auburn wins this game, I would like to ask ESPN and the other PC bitches out there if they are going to apologize to Auburn head coach Gene Chizik and the terrible treatment he has received for the past year because University of Buffalo head coach Turner Gill wasn’t selected to be Auburn’s head coach. Gene led his team to a winning season and had a reversal of fortune on the offensive side of the ball. Gee, you think Auburn knew something that you all didn’t?

I normally don’t pull for college teams, but as long as Chizik is coaching Auburn I will always hope the Tigers win. Sorry, ESPN, a university should hire a coach based on qualifications and skills; not based on social engineering. Gill was interviewed. Gill was passed over. Big deal. Just because you interview a person of color doesn’t mean you hire a person of color. Especially when it looks like Chizik was what the Tigers needed.

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January 1, 2010 at 12:44 pm

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