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Give The Idea Of Forcing Teams To Start Players A Rest

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Oh I can’t wait to see the Commish talk to the New England Patriots about resting starters in late-season games. Pats receiver Wes Walker, in a near-meaningless game for the Pats, took a knee injury earlier this afternoon and it doesn’t look good.

Commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL will consider offering incentives to teams playing late-season games to discourage them from resting their starters for the playoffs.

Goodell said the league was sensitive to criticism of the Indianapolis Colts’ decision to use backups a week ago in a game they lost, ending their bid for a perfect season.

“It is something we’ll look at,” Goodell said Sunday. “We heard the fans loud and clear. It’s something our competition committee has looked at in the past, but we’re going to ask our competition committee to look at it again in the future. We want every game to be competitive.”

The league’s position has been that playoff-bound teams enjoy the right to rest their starters to prepare for the postseason. Goodell said he didn’t blame the Colts for their decision.

If a team amasses an impressive win/loss record and has a few meaningless games comes season’s end, they have every right to bench starting players. If a team thinks sitting star players is more important than team momentum, that’s their prerogative. I think it’s better for a team to play every game with its starters, but to each his own.

The commissioner spoke before the game between the Dolphins and Steelers. Later, in an interview with CBS, Goodell said various incentives to prevent teams from benching starters will be considered.

Such incentives could include awarding draft choices.

So you’re going to reward successful teams with extra DRAFT PICKS? That is a stupid idea, considering teams are supposed to build themselves through the NFL Draft.

The Colts already had clinched home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs when coach Jim Caldwell sat Peyton Manning and other starters in the second half, and the Jets rallied to win. NFL purists were upset the Colts didn’t go all-out with a shot at a perfect season.

As I said above, I think a team should play its starters but I’m not against a squad for not doing so — look at the Patriots with Walker. Hell, if anything, these “rest ’em” games are a good time for back-ups to get some real-time experience. Injuries happen in the playoffs, too.

“We want to make sure the integrity of the NFL is first and foremost in everyone’s mind, and try to find ways to make sure our games are competitive at all points in the season, including the preseason,” Goodell said.

The preseason? Come on, now. I get you’re the commissioner and you have to say things like this, but the PRESEASON? That’s a time for back-ups to get on a team. Are we now going to award draft picks for teams that finish the preseason with a winning record?


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January 3, 2010 at 6:18 pm

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Dick Enberg Is About Head-Between-Your-Legs Action

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So I have the NFL Red Zone on, and let me tell you this is a Godsend. The NFL Network has largely been a disappointment for me, but this channel is great. While the NHL, NBA and MLB networks do similar “game-time” coverage of contests, there’s something different about the NFL. My guess is because there are zero commercials and that the vast majority of games take place on Sunday.

With that being said, there are some negatives to getting exposure to every game taking place on Sunday. When the Chiefs/Broncos game started, it took two plays for Denver center Casey Wiegmann to achieve his 9000 consecutive career snaps played. Uh, yay? Anyway, here’s what play-by-play announcer Dick Enberg said about this feat: “If he snapped consecutively every minute he could go a full week and that would be his 9000. That’s a lot of head-between-your-legs action.”

And yes, I rewound the DVR to get this quote verbatim.

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January 3, 2010 at 5:33 pm

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