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So here’s a story that appeared in my community fishwrap. I have to put this story in perspective.

Long story short: For well over a year, this town has had a road construction project that made it VERY inconvenient for anyone to get in and out of its “business” district. This construction was ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency; something about sewage/water separation. Well of course this project has been delayed and various business owners have been raising hell about this. It got to the point where one public official said that some of these business owners should have run their stores more effectively.

Now, despite the complete and utter cluster fuck this construction project has become, this area is now about to get ready for a nearly $2 million project to plant FLOWERS and build stupid “welcome” archways.

The Irwin Project hopes the New Year brings change to downtown, and took its first step Monday night.

The group received unanimous approval from council to submit the Hometown Streets program’s final plans and cost estimates to Penn-DOT to make several cosmetic improvements to downtown Irwin.

“It has reached a point where engineers are ready to pull the trigger,” Mike Pochan, Irwin Project member, said. “We’re finally at a point where 90 percent of everything has been selected.”

Pochan said downtown will be accented with gateways to welcome travelers into town from Route 30, Oak Street, and at the corners of Main and Water
streets, and Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

The group decided to go with all black metal street accoutrements, including ornamental light posts, benches, trash cans, tree boxes and street and way finding signs, in an attempt to have a unified theme.

Not all of the accessories have been chosen yet, Pochan said.

“There is a cycle of picking and costing, in respect to the budget, so we have to work around to make sure this thing comes in at the budget,” he said. “But the idea is to do everything consistently around a theme.”

The improvements, which also include Americans with Disability Act-compliant safety corners and curbs, pedestrian crossing markings at corners and curbs, new flowers and trees, all come as part of a $1.9 million grant from PennDOT to refurbish downtown.

“One of the purposes of this entire program is to install safety features, which affects all of our corners and curbs,” Pochan said.

Although the group is installing ornamental light posts, the current lighting, and utility lines, will remain in tact, Pochan said. The ornamental lights will appear between Second Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Council member Danyce Neal said she was happy with the direction of the group’s plans for downtown.

So piss on the struggling business owners. In fact, I remember months ago that someone asked some public officials about the possibility of getting grants to help out store owners affected by the road construction and the public officials had no idea what that person was talking about. But yet there’s money from the state’s department of transportation to bring in benches/trash cans/light posts that all have a consistent “theme.”

Gotta love government, no matter if it’s federal, state or local.

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January 8, 2010 at 10:58 pm

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