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Nothing Happened Today

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Let’s see, what is there to talk about today?

I spoke with a car rental place about getting an automobile for next week due to my car being in the shop. Said car insurance place was not named Enterprise.

Mrs. kkk went on an uber-rant because some nearby suffered a home invasion. Of course, having their garage door open didn’t help matters. The better half said her brother has a gun waiting for her. I content she will probably put more lead into her than any assailants.

My contacts were acting up today, but getting a strand of hair in-between a lens and my eye can do that.

I found out the assistant got a second cat to go with her female. It’s going about as well as I thought it would. Then again, the new guest is a male kitten, so that’s probably the best matchup. The female will be a bitch, the male won’t know any better. Kinda like how it is in real life.

What else happened? Hmmmm. Oh, yeah.

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January 20, 2010 at 8:48 pm

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