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Cheaters May Win, But Some Of Them Also Choke A Bunch

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So I heard about this today.

Already missing Tiger Woods because of a sex scandal, the PGA Tour headed into another mess Friday when a player accused Phil Mickelson of “cheating” for using wedges that are allowed under a legal technicality.

“It’s cheating, and I’m appalled Phil has put it in play,” Scott McCarron said in Friday’s edition of The San Francisco Chronicle.

Mickelson is among at least four players at Torrey Pines using a Ping-Eye 2 wedge that was made 20 years ago and has square grooves. Such grooves now are banned on the PGA Tour because of a new USGA regulation this year that irons have V-shaped grooves.

The square-groove Ping wedges remain legal, however, because of a lawsuit that Ping filed against the USGA that was settled in 1990. Under the settlement, any Ping-Eye 2 made before April 1, 1990, remains approved because it takes precedence over any rule change.

McCarron’s comments resonated across Torrey Pines because “cheating” is considered one of the dirtiest accusations in a sport that prides itself on honesty and players calling penalties on themselves.

Mickelson refused to be drawn into a debate with McCarron over his choice of words, rather he criticized the USGA for adopting such a rule change in the first place, especially knowing that this loophole might cause problems.

Now golf is one of those sports where I really don’t dislike anyone. I don’t follow the PGA all that closely. I like Tiger. I like Phil. What’s my opinion on Lefty CHEATING?

Well, my opinion can be best summed up below. Well, “summed up” might be a poor choice of words, because this isn’t exactly to-the-point, but you should be used to pointless ramblings from me by now.

For the past seven years I have organized an NFL pick ’em contest at a message board. Each participant picks an NFL team and each week makes picks against another participant. These weekly matchups are determined by what teams play each other. For example, if the Steelers play the Browns, then the person who picked the Steelers and the person who picked the Browns have their weekly picks matched up. Whoever has the more correct picks wins. At the end of the season the division winners and two wild card teams face off in the playoffs, much like the way the NFL does. Hey, it’s been going on for seven years, so some people must like this system.

Now when the season starts to incorporate Thursday and Saturday games, this can throw a monkey wrench into the plans. Some people forget to submit picks for these games but will still publicly post picks for the Sunday/Monday games (people can send in picks through a personal message system as well so nobody else knows their selections). If someone misses an early game or two and still publicly posts the rest of the week’s picks, there’s a chance that this person’s weekly opponent could copy these picks and automatically win the matchup — providing the opponent correctly picked that week’s Thursday/Saturday game.

This sort of thing happens every year, even though I make several announcements about this being a legal action. Hey, there’s no way to enforce this so there’s nothing I can do. People have lost playoff spots because of this. In fact, this year a person could have earned a first-round bye with one more win but lost because his opponent employed this tactic. The victim didn’t get the bye and lost in the wild-card round.

Do I consider this method of play cheating? Officially, no. Do I consider this tactic cheesy and lame? Yes.

And that’s how I feel about Phil regarding his choice of wedgies.

Written by kkktookmybabyaway

January 29, 2010 at 10:20 pm

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