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This Game’s Ending Was No Slam Dunk

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So I normally don’t comment on individual games, but the ending to the Suns/Spurs game was hilarious.

Richardson made the highlight reel, alright, but for the wrong reasons. The two-time dunk champion slammed the ball off the back of the rim and the rebound was corralled by Ginobili, who had trailed Richardson up the floor. The game was far from over– the next 40 seconds would see a little heroism and some unexpected errors from members of both teams –but that play defined the Spurs 113-110 victory over the Suns this afternoon.

The two-time dunk champion missed a breakaway dunk and pissed away what chance the Suns had at winning that game.

Another thing I need to comment on is that for the longest time I heard John Madden announcing football games I kept thinking to myself, “enjoy this because he won’t be around forever.” Well, Madden’s gone. Now the next announcer I’m having these feelings for is Hubie Brown. He’s going to be missed whenever he steps away from the mic.

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February 28, 2010 at 9:56 pm

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Workout At Home

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You know, I could go on the exercise bike for two hours or do a double-shift on the Soloflex and not get as sore as I do when I clean house. My God.

Then again, when I’m on the Soloflex I’m only focusing on one part of the body. Vacuuming/dusting/changing litter/etc. is a full-body workout.

I’m such a housewife.

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February 27, 2010 at 11:42 pm

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Pardon The Suspension

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So Tony Kornheiser was on his radio show and said some not-so-nice things about ESPN cohorts.

The gasbags behind the mikes at ESPN, and ESPN properties such as ESPN-1050, shout on many subjects. The recent controversy involving PTI co-conspirator Tony Kornheiser and Clown Communinty College anchor Hannah Storm is not one of them.

When Big Brother Bristol muzzles the talkies, they stay muzzled. Or maybe the yakkers know where not to tread.

When ESPN bosses don’t like what’s coming out of Kornheiser’s mouth, they simply suspend him for a couple of weeks. This ain’t the first time he was temporarily deep-sixed.

In case you were smart enough to ignore this latest alleged controversy, Kornheiser was busted after auditioning for the next Fashion Week, commenting on an outfit worn by Storm. Kornheiser, whose wardrobe can best be described as Retro Schlubby, called Storm’s threads “horrifying.”

“She’s got on red go-go boots and a Catholic-school plaid skirt,” Kornheiser said. “Way too short for somebody in her 40s.”

There was also a joke about Chris Berman. Why type it out when it’s available online…

And of course ESPN has replaced Tony with Dan LeBa-retard on Pardon the Interruption. This of course begs the question: Who is getting punished here — Tony or the audience?

If he has the financial means to leave that show, I hope Tony goes somewhere else and spends the rest of his days ragging on ESPN. What a bunch of bitches. In addition, if ANYONE on the Boo-Yah Network makes fun of any person out there, I hope the person offended launches a crusade of threatened lawsuits and other gibber gabber until ESPN passes a policy forbidding ridicule of ANYONE. When one person/topic is deemed “out of bounds,” EVERY person/topic should be deemed “out of bounds.”

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February 26, 2010 at 9:34 pm

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Brain-Dead Protest

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The hell?

They’re said to utter little more than an occasional groan, but zombies — the blood-drenched monsters of Hollywood “B” movies — still have a right to free speech, a US court ruled this week.

I still don’t know what’s going on.

An appeals court in the northern US city of Minneapolis, Minnesota on Wednesday allowed a group of zombies — or rather, several protesters costumed as such — to press ahead with their lawsuit against police who arrested them for disorderly conduct.

The appeals court overturned a lower court in finding that the group of seven “zombies” had been wrongfully detained during a 2006 shopping mall protest against consumerism.

The three-judge panel, by a two-to-one vote, ruled that Minneapolis police lacked probable cause to arrest the demonstrators for disorderly conduct.

At the time of the protest, the plaintiffs were wearing makeup that gave them a “living dead” look: white face powder, fake blood and black circles around their eyes.

They lurched stiff-legged through the halls of the mall urging shoppers to “get your brains here” and “brain cleanup in aisle five.”

Oh God.

“An objectively reasonable person would not think probable cause exists under the Minnesota disorderly conduct statue to arrest a group of peaceful people for engaging in an artistic protest by playing music, broadcasting statements (and) dressing as zombies,” the appeals court ruled.

The decision allows the protesters to revive their lawsuit against Minneapolis and its police, which according to the Star Tribune newspaper seeks damages of at least 50,000 dollars per person arrested.

$50,000 per person?! Wasn’t this about FREE speech?

Now here’s my question: did this protest take place in the public domain or in a mall? The article states two different things…

They lurched stiff-legged through the halls of the mall urging shoppers to “get your brains here” and “brain cleanup in aisle five.”

But the appeals court sided with the protesters in ruling that police had no reason to imprison them simply for “dressing as zombies, and walking erratically in downtown Minneapolis,” the court decision said.

…and I don’t care enough about this story to look up which side is right.

If they really want to be zombies, we should treat them as such.

They can’t sue you if you make them dead.

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February 25, 2010 at 8:56 pm

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A Killer Whale Of A Story

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Maybe this was the reason my Shamu image was found by the Photobucket Gestapo: An APB on killer whale images, perhaps?

Despite calls to free or destroy the animal, SeaWorld said Thursday it will keep the killer whale that drowned its trainer, but will suspend all orca shows while it decides whether to change the way handlers work with the behemoths.

Also, VIP visitors who occasionally were invited to pet the killer whales will no longer be allowed to do so.

“We’re going to make any changes we have to to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” Chuck Tompkins, chief of animal training at SeaWorld parks, said a day after a 12,000-pound killer whale named Tilikum dragged a trainer into its pool and thrashed the woman to death as audience members watched in horror.

Talk-radio callers, bloggers and animal activists said Tilikum—which was involved in the deaths of two other people over the past two decades—should be released into the ocean or put to death like a dangerous dog.

Put down a wild animal for doing what it’s supposed to do. And people want it to be put to death. Wish we could do the same thing with humans.

And for this “history of killing other people…”

Tilikum was one of three orcas blamed for killing a trainer in 1991 after the woman lost her balance and fell into a pool at a Sealand theme park near Victoria, British Columbia.

OK. And now for “victim #2.”

In 1999, the body of a naked man was found draped over Tilikum at SeaWorld in Orlando…

Sorry, but I can’t help it…

…Officials said the man had stayed in the park after closing and apparently fell into the whale tank. An autopsy found he died of hypothermia. Officials also said it appeared Tilikum bit the man.

Good to have you back, http://www.ableherbs.com.

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February 25, 2010 at 8:42 pm

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Snow Records Fall Down

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So this afternoon I heard via an Atlanta-based radio station (go figure) that Shittsburgh now has its highest snow accumulation total for a month on record.

This is normally the part of the entry where I link to an article to solidify my credentials as a member of the NeW mEdIa, but I can’t find one. Oh well.

Hellz yeah. I just experienced history. And this record was achieved in the shortest month of the year.

If you’re going to do something, you might as well go all-out. I don’t want to one day say to someone, “Yeah, that winter of 2010 was really bad. That February had the THIRD-HIGHEST snowfall accumulation of ALL TIME~!!!”

I want to say, “Bitch, that winter of 2010 was really bad. That February had the HIGHEST snowfall accumulation of ALL TIME~!!!”

That’s just how I roll.

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February 25, 2010 at 8:35 pm

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Slovakia’s Dark Prince On Skates

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So one of my Facebook peeps posted the following update: “great title for news story on nhl.com–satan lifts slovakia.”

He’s talking about Miroslav Šatan, who has one of the greatest names in all of sports.

This got me the thinking. It’s too bad hockey isn’t big with the Hispanic population. If so, we could have had a face-off between Satan and another player named Jesus.

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February 24, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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