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Look Out — Torture Case May Be A HATE CRIME~!!!

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So I posted about this story a few days ago.

The family of Jennifer Daugherty say there was no reason for the torture and death of the 30-year-old Pennsylvania woman. Daugherty was gentle and trusting, they say, but also was especially vulnerable because she had the mental abilities of a 12 or 14 year old.

Police found her body Thursday stuffed into a garbage can in a Greensburg school parking lot in western Pennsylvania. They say she was forced to consume detergent and urine—and to write a fake suicide note—before she was fatally stabbed by attackers who also shaved her head and painted her face with nail polish.

Six people have been arrested, including people Daugherty considered her friends.

Police won’t discuss a motive.

Now it’s time for the latest development.

Pittsburgh’s federal prosecutor is reviewing the torture murder of a mentally disabled woman under a new federal law banning hate crimes against people with disabilities.

Hate crime. For real?

Wait, I’m sorry.


What ever happened to, “Let’s just kill the evil fucks regardless of who the victim is”?

And I can already hear the shitbag defense lawyer prepping the case for one of the (alleged) perps.

One of six suspects in the torture-slaying of a mentally challenged woman in Greensburg was a crime victim herself nearly 16 years ago when her mother tried to sell her to a neighbor for $10,000.

Amber Meidinger, 20, and five others are charged with torturing and killing Jennifer Daugherty, 30, of Greensburg. Others charged are Robert Loren Masters Jr., 36; Ricky Smyrnes, 23; Melvin Knight, 20; Peggy Darlene Miller, 27; Angela Marinucci, a 17-year-old Greensburg Salem senior.

All are being held in the county prison without bond.

According to court documents and newspaper reports of the bizarre May 1994 child-selling incident, Amber was 4 years old when her mother, then known as Flora Meidinger, attempted to sell her to one of her Unity Township neighbors for $10,000 to pay bills.

The neighbor, Ruth C. Bier, notified police and agreed to wear an undercover wire. State police listened in when the transaction took place May 6, 1994. Flora Meidinger was arrested after Bier gave her a $2,000 down payment in the parking lot of the Big Lots store along Route 30.

Holy crap. I think I know which Big Lots this article is talking about.

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February 17, 2010 at 10:15 pm

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Let It Snow, Maybe…?

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As my one Facebook friend so aptly put it: Irony- n: Cancelling an Alipine skiing event because of a snowstorm … after nearly a week of complaining about a lack of snow.

First it was too warm. Then it was too rainy. Next it was too slushy. And now it’s too snowy. At least we’re making progress.

For the third time in the first four days of the 2010 Winter Olympics, an Alpine skiing event was canceled at Whistler Mountain due to weather conditions. Tuesday’s men’s super combined, a race in which Americans Bode Miller and Ted Ligety were expected to contend for a medal, was called off because of heavy snow at the top of Whistler.

Shouldn’t snow be good for skiing? Isn’t a lack of snow what organizers of the Games have been fretting about for months?

Yes, but like all things, snow is only good in moderation. As Bill Pennington explains in The New York Times: Heavy snowfall makes it dangerous to contest the downhill portion because the racecourse must be hard and fast, not snow-covered. The snowfall also affects visibility; good visibility is necessary for downhillers to race safely at high speeds.

Damn you global warming, err, climate change.

On both for the lack of and for the plethora of snow.

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February 17, 2010 at 8:32 pm

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