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90 Days Same As Cash

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So I had a recorded Dave Ramsey television show playing last night and there was one caller he talked with whose story I have to share.

The caller was in a “financial crisis.” Her 25-year-old son was given $16,000 from his employer to make some workplace purchase. Details weren’t given, but apparently the son spent this money. The problem was he didn’t spend it on the actual purchase. I’m assuming he got fired. His former employers were going to have him arrested/jailed because he couldn’t pay this amount back. His parents then emptied their savings and retirement and was still $6,000 short. (They were only able to cover $10,000? Not much of a retirement, but I digress.) The mother eventually signed some legal note promising that she would have the remaining $6,000 within 90 days. Problem is she doesn’t work and her husband doesn’t make that much money. And the son? He’s back home and looking for work.

Now let me say right now that if kkk Jr. ever pulled such a stunt, my advice to him would be, “Don’t drop the soap.”

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February 21, 2010 at 4:50 pm

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This Entry Doesn’t Have A Pay-Off … Yet

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So the better half went to call someone yesterday and dialed up her welfare-queen aunt, best known around these parts for the annual Memorial Day cookout that wastes a perfectly good day off work. This of course meant Mrs. kkk had to talk to her for about 20 minutes or so before getting her off the phone.

During this conversation, the aunt brought up the fact Mrs. kkk’s welfare-queen cousin whose married to the toothless Mexican and mother of two turkey baster kids. Turns out this brood is “jealous” of the kkk household’s desire to pay off the house within 5 years.

Like having a non-citizen in the White House turning the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave into a third-world shithole wasn’t enough of an incentive to become mortgage-free.

Here’s some backstory. A while back (my guess would be six months) Mrs. kkk was talking with her welfare-queen cousin, and the better half made some off-hand comment during this multi-hour chat about budgeting to pay off the house within 5 years. The welfare-queen cousin’s reply was one of shock that we would try and do such a thing. Guess that comment by the better half festered something up afterward. Now instead of saying, “Wow, you and kkk seem to be doing pretty well. is there anything you could show us to become more financially independent?” we’re getting some good ol’ class envy. Nice. Then again I shouldn’t be surprised, considering the welfare-queen cousin is home-schooling her kids (if you want to call it that) because of the added “benefits” she receives. And by “benefits,” I’m of course talking about “welfare.”

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February 21, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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