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This Game’s Ending Was No Slam Dunk

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So I normally don’t comment on individual games, but the ending to the Suns/Spurs game was hilarious.

Richardson made the highlight reel, alright, but for the wrong reasons. The two-time dunk champion slammed the ball off the back of the rim and the rebound was corralled by Ginobili, who had trailed Richardson up the floor. The game was far from over– the next 40 seconds would see a little heroism and some unexpected errors from members of both teams –but that play defined the Spurs 113-110 victory over the Suns this afternoon.

The two-time dunk champion missed a breakaway dunk and pissed away what chance the Suns had at winning that game.

Another thing I need to comment on is that for the longest time I heard John Madden announcing football games I kept thinking to myself, “enjoy this because he won’t be around forever.” Well, Madden’s gone. Now the next announcer I’m having these feelings for is Hubie Brown. He’s going to be missed whenever he steps away from the mic.

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February 28, 2010 at 9:56 pm

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