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Canadian Health Care Costs Money — Que?

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Wasn’t this shit supposed to be free?

THE CANADIAN PRESS MONTREAL – The federal government may have the final say on whether Quebec can go ahead with plans to charge taxpayers for using its health-care system.

In a historic budget tabled Tuesday, the province said it was considering implementing a $25 deductible for each visit to the doctor.

It claims the deductible is in line with the Canada Health Act because it would not hinder accessibility.

But health-care expert Antonia Maioni says Quebec’s proposal may go against the spirit of the law.

She says federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq is the only person with the authority to declare such deductibles illegal.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest says his government would have to finalize details of the plan before seeing if it would pass a legal test.

I have no clue what’s going on. Besides it’s Quebec. They speak French. Yeah.

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March 31, 2010 at 10:10 pm

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Tiger Loses Another Endorsement

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I wonder why the sudden change of mind?

In March, Rep. Joe Baca (D-Calif.) introduced a measure to give the Congressional Gold Medal – the highest civilian award that Congress can bestow – to Tiger Woods.

Today, perhaps unsurprisingly, he said he was giving up that effort.

“In light of the recent developments surrounding Tiger Woods and his family, I will not pursue legislation awarding him the Congressional Gold Medal this session,” Baca, who is described as “an avid golfer,” told The Hill.

The bill proposed by Baca was to recognize Woods for “his service to the Nation in promoting excellence and good sportsmanship, and in breaking barriers with grace and dignity by showing that golf is a sport for all people.”

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March 31, 2010 at 10:02 pm

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Commander In Camera’s Sight

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I’m sure there are more troops available for a photo op in South Korea than in Afghanistan, but damn if a picture (or two) is worth a thousand words.

Two presidents visit U.S. troops: The styles of the Kenyan Koffee Fetcher and George W. Bush in photos

President Hussein made his first trip as chief executive to Afghanistan over the weekend to, among other things, visit troops close to Kabul. He spoke to them at Bagram Airfield and we had the full text right here.

The White House released this picture by official White House photographer Pete Souza, showing the president shaking hands and grabbing a soldier’s finger, and the troops’ reactions.

This is from the LA Times?! Someone’s getting fired.

Also, what’s up with the fence in Hussein’s photo?

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March 31, 2010 at 9:52 pm

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Fortunate Son

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So I got the birthday card from mom today, check included. Seriously, why do parents still send you money even when you’re old? Is it only me? Not that I’m complaining. I got bills to pay. Add a few more zeros to the end of that check.

Anyway, once I got the card I figured it was time to give her a call. Naturally she was surprised to hear from me. And naturally the conversation soon elevated into a bunch of extended pauses, awkward moments and the usual, “you need to really change that attitude of yours.” This happens every time we talk. She’s like the exact opposite of me in every way. Sometimes I wonder how the hell she hooked up with my old man, but then that thought leaves REAL FAST.

What did we talk about? Hell if I can remember. One thing I do recall is that she said I was “fortunate.” This actually irked me a bit because I remembered those lean years when I moved in with the better half after I graduated college. At the time mom kept telling me how I should be focusing on my career during those five-plus years working shit jobs for low pay while trying to make something of myself. Well now Mrs. kkk and I are doing OK and her attitude is that I was lucky.

Fuck that.

I earned what I think is a pretty good standard of living for my region, and I know I won’t be in this current situation forever. Will things turn out better or worse for me in the years ahead? No clue. But if I fuck up, I will fuck up my way. With my experiences and my effort and my choices. Even when I was barely making anything I lived as humbly as I could and didn’t get in over my head, which happens in too many instances to too many people in this self-gratifying society of ours.

Damn that last line had a lot of “in”s and “too”s.

Where the hell am I going with this? Oh, yeah. I’m a terrible son.

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March 31, 2010 at 9:26 pm

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Insuring That Family Chaos Will Continue

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So earlier today Mrs. kkk found out that… let’s see how I can best explain this.

Somebody died.

This person was the father of my brother-in-law’s wife.

Make sense? I hope so. For some reason this was a bitch for me to type out.

Anyway, this person wasn’t exactly the healthiest of specimens. He didn’t take all that great care of himself, and he and his wife weren’t exactly proficient with that whole “responsible budgeting” thing. In fact, I heard there were a number of times they hit my brother-in-law’s family up for money. Why am I talking about this? Because the better half was telling me that this guy left a life insurance policy and that his wife (my brother-in-law’s wife’s step-mother) said he would have wanted her to use that money to start a new life.

And just how much was this life insurance policy?



There’s a bunch of drama over in that family tree, and I’m sure it’s all going to boil over soon enough. Especially when it comes to the funeral arrangements. Families.

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March 30, 2010 at 9:41 pm

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10 Years Or Life? Quite A Range On The Punishment Spectrum

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I’m sure some red diaper doper baby will overturn this ruling, but if you can’t put a bullet in the head of this little shit, then you do what you can.

Ten years is not enough time to rehabilitate a Lawrence County boy charged with killing his father’s pregnant fiancee, a judge ruled yesterday.

“A more horrific crime is difficult to imagine,” Common Pleas Judge Dominick Motto wrote in ruling Jordan Brown will stand trial as an adult. State police say Brown, then 11, placed a shotgun to the back of Kenzie Marie Houk’s head and pulled the trigger last year.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Brown could be the youngest person in American history to be sentenced to life in prison without parole, legal experts said.

“I’m in shock,” defense attorney Dennis Elisco said. “This is certainly the lowest point of my 29-year career. We’re just devastated.”

Motto denied a request by defense attorneys to move the case to juvenile court. Had the case been tried there, the state could not hold Brown, 12, beyond his 21st birthday.

During hearings this year, Motto heard conflicting testimony from experts on whether Brown could be rehabilitated.

“It is not likely defendant can be rehabilitated prior to the expiration of the juvenile court jurisdiction,” Motto wrote. “(Brown) is an individual with significant personality problems that are complicated by his presenting to people in authority a version of himself that does not include the negative aspects.”

Brown is charged with the February 2009 shooting deaths of Houk and her unborn son, Christopher. Police say Brown shot Houk as she lay in bed in the family’s New Galilee home, and then left the house to get on the school bus.

Defense attorney David Acker said he and Elisco are considering an appeal.

“Lowest point” of your 29-year career. And lawyers wonder why they’re so hated.

This story took place a few counties away from me, and I’m pretty sure I commented about this back in February of last year. Too bad I’m still in the year of 2006 when it comes to moving my older crap over to this place. 😦

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March 30, 2010 at 9:19 pm

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Can I Get A Witness Other Than Me?

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So today the better half and I slept in and left for work late. Normally we have been leaving for work somewhere between 6:30 am – 7 am; today we left at 7:30 am. This of course means more rush-hour traffic. Yay.

As we were headed toward Shittsburgh, there was one road undergoing construction. Well, maybe not “construction.” But there were a bunch of orange cones and people in yellow vests standing around a hole in the ground. Did I mention that one of our two lanes was closed? Yeah. This caused a nice little backup. This also caused several of the more impatient motorists around me to turn into the oncoming two lanes of road and high-tail it out of there.

Well, one motorist in a vehicle covered in “peace” bumper stickers got fed up with having to wait and jetted across the solid yellow line into the oncoming lanes. Problem was this motorist didn’t see the car that was in one of these lanes.


After what was by far the most violent real-time car collision I had ever witnessed, the car which wasn’t breaking the law suddenly skidded out of control and whisked right past me. After this vehicle evaded my line of sight, I heard another loud crashing sound as it wrapped around a telephone pole. And I saw the whole episode.

I stayed until the cops and paramedics arrived to provide a statement. I made a joke on my Facebook page earlier today that I did this because the guilty motorist had hippie bumper stickers on his car, but even if his vehicle was draped in anti-Hussein material I would have done the same thing. Accidents happen. This wasn’t an accident. This was negligence. And it pisses me off.

Mrs. kkk and I have been the victims of shit like this, and I’m convinced one such incident caused her to miscarry. The other incident spelled the beginning of the end to our previous car, thanks in large part to the asshats at Kenny Ross Chevrolet who did a shitacular job repairing a new vehicle that should have been totaled out.

Each time we got fucked over by a reckless driver and not a goddamn thing was ever done to the offending motorist; the person who nearly totaled our previous car didn’t even get points on her license. So whenever I hear the phrase “accidents happen,” said by someone who was solely responsible for a scene of carnage due to being blatantly careless, I want to take a brick and go to town with the side of his head.

Or at least put my name on the record as to what really happened at an accident scene so the insurance companies can get a non-biased third-party account.

And what was my reward for this act of civic responsibility? (I was the only passer-by to speak to an officer as to what happened.) Why, I had some fucknut honking his horn at us later in our commute because we wouldn’t turn into oncoming traffic at a four-way stoplight (when some idiot honks his horn, I honk back for at least twice as long). Then even later in the commute this tour bus was driving in a bus lane that I had never seen another bus go in that particular direction. After this bus almost clipped me, the car behind this bus IN THE BUS LANE almost did the job.

It’s rare when I actually let out a scream. Today was one of those days.

Say what you want about God, but s/he’s got one helluva sense of humor.

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March 30, 2010 at 6:29 pm

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