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Top KK’s Korner Searchers For 3/9/10

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I normally don’t do these type of entries so close to each other, but I couldn’t help it:

belly button fingering
boy fuck_on_first_date
will any local from whistler be competing in winter paralympic who will be competitng in the down hill

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March 9, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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Expanding My Opinion On This Tournament Format

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I’ve heard about this possible tournament expansion for a while, but now I feel like commenting.

The NCAA is exploring whether to opt out of its current 11-year, $6 billion TV deal with CBS and expand the men’s basketball tournament field from 65 teams to 68 or 96 teams, according to a report in Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal.

The publication obtained a copy of a request for proposal sent from the NCAA to potential broadcast bidders late last year. In the 12-page proposal, the NCAA outlined a 96-team split format where an over-the-air network pairs with a cable network to broadcast the tournament. CBS and Turner Sports are in discussion for a joint bid. ESPN and Fox are considering whether to do the same.

In the proposal, a field of 68 would add three “play-in” games. In a 96-team field, 31 games would be added.

Many coaches are in favor of expansion, including Leonard Hamilton of Florida State and Billy Donovan of Florida.

Like I wasn’t bad enough with my brackets with 65 teams.

Of course I don’t like this idea. I would expand this tournament to 68 teams for four “play-in” games whose winners would go directly to the top seed of each bracket. Otherwise, leave the tournament as-is.

Yes, players are better now than they were years back. There’s more parity. But if you leave out good teams from the tournament, it still gives the actual tourney meaning. If you are going to allow 30+ more teams in the regular season will be that much more boring. I’ll say this about college football: for as big a fraud its “National Champion” is each year, the regular season is more entertaining than college basketball.

I heard the coach of Villanova say earlier today that something like 18 percent of Division 1 basketball teams get to play in the NCAA Tournament and about 50 percent of college football teams play in bowl games. The bowl games are meant as a “reward;” it’s an exhibition game. The NCAA Tournament bid shouldn’t be used as a “reward” for a “good season.” An NCAA Tournament bid is an “opportunity” to become national champs. That’s what makes March Madness much better than Bowel Season. This winner of the New Mexico Bowl could move up a few spots in the final rankings. There are 64 teams each year that enter the basketball tournament and go home while one team gets to call themselves champions.

To best sum up my feelings on this, For some reason I keep thinking of those “Ladders/100k” commercials when the topic of expanding the NCAA tournament comes up.

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March 9, 2010 at 10:05 pm

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Snow Half-Days

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This place isn’t too far from me. I can already hear the grumbling from other students who have to stay in class. “Those rich kids get out of school to go on their fancy smancy field trip.”

Hempfield Area High School seniors won’t have to make a choice between attending their graduation or going on a trip to Europe.

The school district and the state Department of Education have reached an agreement that will allow seniors to graduate and then leave for a scheduled European trip.

Barbara Marin, an assistant superintendent, said the state will allow the district to reclassify some in-service days as regular class days so students can graduate June 4. With makeup days, the district was looking at a June 11 graduation date.

Some seniors are scheduled to leave June 9 for trips to Spain, Germany and France that were planned in advance. Parents concerned they would lose thousands of dollars in deposits or their children would have to choose between missing the graduation exercise or missing a chance to travel abroad.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is the rest of the district’s students will have to go to school until June 9 to make up for snow days, Marin said.

Oh hell no.

Because of this winter’s heavy snowfall, schools were closed for eight days in February. Three makeup days were built into the schedule. The annual school picnic at Kennywood still will be held, but students will be required to attend a modified school day that will end before lunch so students can still attend the picnic.

Marin said the shortened day will count as a legal school day.

I get you need to add days whenever you can, but the annual Kennywood amusement park trip for students in the Shittsburgh region is a rite of passage. I know. I was part of it. A “modified” school day? Nothing is going to get done that day anyway in the classroom. Damn rules.

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March 9, 2010 at 9:47 pm

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A Final Note About Massa And Showermates

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A final note about Massa Meso and his adventures in the shower room.

At least you had Rahm Emanuel approach you in the buff and not Barney Fwank.

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March 9, 2010 at 9:39 pm

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