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At The Dumpster With Ebert

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So I’m not the biggest Roger Ebert fan out there. I read his reviews from time-to-time, mostly because I know where he’s coming from. Then again, seeing how I almost NEVER go to the movies why do I bother reading ANYTHING from him? Hell, the one or two times I do go it’s for some brainless big-budget CGI-fest where the writings of some grouchy critic will make ZERO impact on my movie-going decision *coughcoughTransformers2coughcough*

You know, I’m actually perplexed now. As infrequently as I visit his website, why DO I read his stuff at all? Maybe it’s because after I watch a movie I like to see what he said about it and compare my opinions with his. Sounds good to me.

Anyway, why am I talking about Ebert? Because I recently read some Esquire feature about him. Now the guy’s a commie and whenever he starts blabbing on about his talking points I tend to roll my eyes and move forward. Say, how can I read both read something and roll my eyes at the same time? Move along, nothing to see here.

It’s been established. I don’t know why I read Ebert’s stuff and I think he should be strung up for treason. Then why am I talking about him and his hippie Esquire article? Because no matter how much you may disagree with someone’s viewpoints, there are certain things that you just have to take a step back from and go, “damn now that’s cold.”

From the article.

He took his hardest hit not long ago. After Roeper announced his departure from At the Movies in 2008 — Disney wanted to revamp the show in a way that Roeper felt would damage it — Ebert disassociated himself from it, too, and he took his trademarked thumbs with him. The end was not pretty, and the break was not clean. But because Disney was going to change the original balcony set as part of its makeover, it was agreed, Ebert thought, that the upholstered chairs and rails and undersized screen would be given to the Smithsonian and put on display. Ebert was excited by the idea. Then he went up to visit the old set one last time and found it broken up and stacked in a dumpster in an alley.

Wow. Just wow.

Worst case scenario I’m sure the set to “At the Movies” would have fetched a pretty penny on eBay or Craig’s List. At least give the set to Ebert; anything than just tossing everything in the trash.

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March 13, 2010 at 10:51 am

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