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Bringing The Meat On A Lenten Friday Night

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So today was a wild night out for the kkk household. What did we do? Go out to Staples so the better half can get some folders for work, pay a long-overdue visit to the Used CD Store and then to Blockbuster for shitload of $5 DVDs. I’m a wild one, yes I am. Actually, if I didn’t pay a visit to these places tonight, I would have in the very near future. This time last year I had $100 worth of gift cards given to me at work and they were about to “expire” aka have that “monthly fee taken out of the balance” bullshit take effect, so it was time to splurge with CDs and movies.

During all this excitement, the better half wanted to go to T.G.I.F.’s for dinner. I think that was her plan all along when she said earlier in the day that she wanted to get $0.50 folders for her office. The following conversation took place on the drive to Staples.

I want to go to Friday’s.

But it’s Friday and I’m not allowed to have meat.

You get a pass today.

So that’s all it takes for me to get out of this — you wanting that salad?

*No response.*

There’s this salad at Friday’s that she fantasizes about every other day. No idea what it’s called: chicken something-or-other. Of course, she’s allergic to chicken (or so she says) and gets me the poultry on the side. Yeah, I know I could have gotten a non-meat dish, but don’t tell her that. I hate eating fish at a restaurant when I could get a burger/steak instead.

While I was at the Used CD Store, a place I visited for only the first time this year, my only rap catch of the night was Ice Cube’s Death Certificate — a certified hip-hop classic and by far my favorite Cube album. Mrs. kkk, as usual, then provides the buzzkill while looking through the track-list later that night of my audio bounty.

Givin’ Up the Nappy Dug Out. What the hell?

Player Hater-ette.

You know, I often wonder what it’s like for the poor Used CD Store clerks to see my selections and think, “WTF is wrong with this person?” Ice Cube, Bad Religion, Blondie, ACDC, Clash and Dio. And I’m as Silent-Majority/cracker-looking as it gets.

At least when it came to the movie selections, the clerk can figure out who’s buying what titles.

Grindhouse: Him

He’s Just Not That Into You: Her.

Or so it may seem…

Uh, no. It was pretty apparent who selected what titles.

Truth be told, we generally watch the same movies, although we do part ways on a few selections. There are some chick flicks I don’t watch, and there are some … well, she actually watches everything I watch. It’s just a matter of to what degree she bitches about a movie.

All in all, it was an 8 CD and 16 DVD night. Why more people don’t buy used is beyond me. But hey, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t get these items at a heavily discounted price. Then again, other people just download entire music and movie collections at no cost. Even though I have a plethora of MP3 in my hard drive, I still like getting the original disc/case of my audio/video entertainment. Guess this is the new “vinyl.”

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March 19, 2010 at 9:41 pm

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