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Hussein Lays An Egg

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Don’t worry, kids. Maybe the Kenyan Koffee Fetcher will have something special planned for you all during Ramadan. But for the time being, make sure you extremists from religious schools step to the back of the White House lawn. We don’t take kindly to yer types.

The Osama administration announced on Tuesday it has reserved 3,000 free tickets to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll for students in D.C.-area public and charter schools, but not for children who attend private or parochial schools.

Why exclude children in private and parochial schools, asked the father of a parochial school student at Tuesday’s press conference where U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty announced the ticket giveaway.

“These tickets are from the White House to public schools, and we’re appreciative, but there may be other things unrelated to this press conference,” Fenty responded. “That’s a great question.”

The 3,000 reserved tickets will be distributed to students at 11 public schools in D.C. and a few others in Virginia and Maryland. Children at private or parochial schools in the Washington metropolitan area may attend the April 5 event, but only if they are among the people who registered for an online lottery system, by which the remaining free tickets — an estimated 27,000 — will be distributed.

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March 26, 2010 at 11:15 pm

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Because Everyone Likes To Sell Sala

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So a while back I made fun of the State for pushing the stick deeper into its ass rather than removing it over some business offering customers free doughnuts and coffee. Here’s yet another example.

Diego Bartolome just wanted to start a salsa business to help his mom after she lost her job. What the El Dorado County fourth-grader didn’t expect was a crash course in red tape.

The 10-year-old co-founded a hot little salsa company, grossing $1,000 from his Diego’s Awesome Salsa by December and landing accounts at grocery stores. The salsa boy also got a taste of the media spotlight, with a profile in The Bee and an appearance on Channel 31’s “Good Day Sacramento.”

Then the food police paid him and his mom a visit. An inspector from the state Department of Public Health noticed in a TV segment that Diego’s Awesome Salsa wasn’t labeled properly, and there were possible temperature-control issues.

The inspector told the Bartolomes that they needed a Processed Food Registration, a basic health permit for processing, manufacturing and distributing food in California. The permit’s base fee is $350 a year.

“While (the department) encourages entrepreneurial spirit, we are most concerned about the health of Californians and want them to have confidence that the products they consume are safe,” said Ronald Owens, a department spokesman.

Let’s just say Paula Bartolome, Diego’s mom and business partner, turned hotter than a habanero pepper. She thought they’d been in compliance with business regulations as they sold the $5 salsa jars in person at local bakeries and markets.

“I was just an absolute witch, telling the guy, ‘You’re no better than the mafia,’ ” said Paula Bartolome. “I ran a travel agency for years, and we all know that California is just very business-unfriendly. It’s hard. I apologized when I called him back and told him I’d scrounged up the money.”

The paperwork and bills are piling up. After fees for inspections, new labels and jars, UPC codes, an El Dorado County business license and similar expenses, the family has forked over about $2,000 to keep Diego’s Awesome Salsa on store shelves.

Some good news for Diego: Owens said the health department has no further issues with Diego’s Awesome Salsa. “It’s been a lot harder than I thought,” Diego said. “But the business is helping me with my math and speaking.”

Amid the paperwork, Diego’s Awesome Salsa has become a spicy local hit. He’s selling up to four cases a week, crafting the salsa in the kitchen of Garden Valley’s Chunks of Heaven Cookie Co. on weekends and after school.

OR IS IT~???????

IT’S A SWERVE~!!!!!!

I’m going to side with the State on this one. God bless the kid for living the American Dream (while it still exists). However, I do think some basic standards need to be in place and approved by California officials, especially considering the fact the kid’s selling food at a grocery store. Did the kid and his mom have to deal with ALL the rules and regulations that a large processing plant go through? Perhaps not. But this note in the “comments” section of the article’s website pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter.

Here is a comment from one reader:

“Never Ever apologize to a government hack. They should hate every day of their lives. Whether what they do is necessary or not, they need to be put back in their place and reminded that they are parasites on the producing class. And that they should check their arrogance.”

And here’s the comment that is responding to the above comment. This comment below I wholeheartedly agree with:

Until you get e-coli, or they find roaches in the kitchen – then you demand to know why they were not inspected more often and/or closed down sooner. You want no government UNTIL you need something then you can’t be served fast enough.

If the kid was selling this stuff from a stand in his neighborhood, then I would think otherwise. However, if you’re going to take up shelf space at a grocery store, then I agree that some sort of regulation needs to take place.

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March 26, 2010 at 11:04 pm

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