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Cleaning Up The Pad On A Regular Basis

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So I’ve been trying to make Saturdays “clean up day” at the kkk household. While the better half is at her second job during the day, I have been trying to keep the house in a somewhat state of cleanliness. Because we have a pair of cat-scratching pads…

…the little brown fibers can descend onto the carpet in a hurry (although I’ll gladly take this over them scratching the furniture and carpet). This means each week I make a concerted effort to vacuum the house and put away any shit that has been scattered around during the course of the week. So far so good. Hell, I’ve even been doing the laundry on Saturdays as well (well, most Saturdays anyway). And about once a month I’ve been doing a more serious cleaning effort — dusting, steam-mopping, litter-box changing etc. Today was that once-a-month effort.

And Good Christ does it kick my ass.

I could spend an hour on the exercise bike and perform two workouts on the Soloflex and I wouldn’t be as sore as I am right now.

And of course as soon as everything’s clean, those little bastards take dumps in the new litter and go to town on the scratch pads. They don’t even wait an hour or so. Then again, it’s probably retaliation for me running the vacuum cleaners. I always do get some sadistic pleasure whenever Max or JJ run away from the vacuum cleaner … right into the room in which I’m about to run the thing. Sigh.


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March 27, 2010 at 11:21 pm

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