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Chant Rant (So There Was A Purpose For Wicker Man 2006 Being Made)

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So a while back I talked about making an attempt to follow international soccer, starting with the English Premier League. Well, I don’t know if I’ve accomplished this goal or not because I have no clue what I’m watching on television. Premier League, Champions League, Whatever League. I have no clue what’s going on out there. However, I’ve been watching some games and overall I’ve enjoyed it. I’m not sure how this is going to keep up when American football kicks-off, but I’ll cross that hurdle when I get there.

Another topic I brought up in this previous entry was if I was going to cheer for a particular team or not. I probably won’t, but this may change. I think after a season or two when I watch my fair share of games, I may have a preferred team or two. But it won’t be because of the play on the field. It will be because of the crowd chants.

Oops. My bad. Here we go.

Please note I just took this clip off YouTube because it was the first one I found which featured live chanting/singing. I’m way too much of a n00b to know where any of these teams are based or what the chants mean. And I’m way too much of a lazy bastard to look any up any related information at this moment. What I’m trying to say is that soccer chants rock, and I look forward to hearing more as I follow soccer more closely.

Oh. My. God.

So I have that Vuvuzela-mix song playing as I’m typing and just saw the following image.

Ahahahahaha. I just saw a few more images from that video which are cracking me up. No way I’m posting them all. You’re going to have to watch the video for yourself. OH NO NOT THE BEES~!!!!!!!

OK, here’s another image.

And I wonder if this video is what people were looking for that visited KK’s Korner under the search term “Haters Gonna Hate Vuvuzela”?


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August 29, 2010 at 9:01 pm

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Plaster Of Paris, Err, Kenya

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The Muslim Wookie Fucker is on to me now and my campaign of misinformation.

President Hussein dismissed a recent poll showing that a third of Americans don’t know he’s a Christian – and blamed an online campaign of misinformation by his conservative enemies for perpetuating the myth that he’s a Muslim.

The Kenyan Koffee Fetcher, speaking with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams on Sunday afternoon, was equally dismissive of conservative talk show host Glenn Beck – saying he didn’t watch the OMGFAUXNEWSLOL2010~!!!! host’s Saturday rally in Washington but wasn’t surprised that Beck was able to “stir up” people during uncertain economic times.

Well, now the Non-Dialect Negro and I have something in common. I didn’t pay attention to that Hope-for-Whatever thing, either.

Williams, sitting under a tent in a rain-soaked New Orleans, where the First Family commemorated the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, asked America’s Top Imam why so many people were uncertain about something so fundamental as his faith.

“I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,” quipped Osama, who took a deep breath to gather his thoughts when asked if the poll reflected his inability to communicate with voters.

Uh-oh. He took a deep breath. This must be serious.

And what has your birth certificate got to do with you being a Muslim?

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August 29, 2010 at 8:26 pm

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Age-Discrimination Stories Never Get Old

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Gee, I wonder how the 28-year-old got this job?

A Uniontown woman has filed a federal age discrimination suit against the Laurel Highlands School District, claiming that its school board hired the less-qualified daughter of a school director instead of her, according to the suit.

The suit by Jamie A. Miller, 41, alleges she was discriminated against because the board hired a 28-year-old woman for the position.

In 2008, Miller applied for a job as a federal program coordinator and data analyst with the district. The job required a state principal’s certification and a knowledge of federal programs, according to the suit.

Miller, who has undergraduate and graduate degrees in education, also has a principal’s certification and has worked as a guidance counselor under a federal Title 1 program.

She has applied for three other jobs in the district. Miller is seeking a permanent injunction against the district preventing the school board from discriminating against her because of her age for the other positions.

The suit alleges the person hired for the job does not have the work or educational experience.

Miller filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2009 in an effort to resolve the dispute. When she failed to reach an agreement though mediation, the commission granted Miller the right to sue the school district in June.

“We have our attorneys working on the case. Other than that I have no comment,” said district Superintendent Gary Brain.

Is this age discrimination? Unless the other candidate does not have the minimum qualifications, I don’t think so. But it’s funny as hell. Lord knows how many jobs I was turned down for because someone less qualified knew the boss’s relative/etc. I can think of one instance during my Ohio days in which this happened. Like to hear it? Here it goes.

Back in 2000 I applied for a job at Modern Machine Shop Magazine. I thought I was kicking ass during the interview, and then I got to the part where I would meet two co-workers. Everything fell to shit. Several months later I got a return call from this place. Why the delay? Because this place had given an offer to another candidate — a candidate that knew the two people I mentioned above. Funny thing is, the person who was offered this job was playing Modern Machine Shop off of another organization (F&W Publishing) and eventually went with F&W’s offer. I went back for another interview at Modern Machine Shop, but the place issued a hiring freeze right before I was to be given an offer. Was I being lied to and they just didn’t want me? Meh. After hearing how pissed off my would-be supervisor sounded on the phone because I was to alleviate a lot of his workload, I think it was legit. Plus a year or so later I spoke with someone that was familiar with this place and said that hiring freeze was real.

Oh, and remember that person who went to F&W Publishing? When I interviewed at F&W Publishing, I was asked if I would have a problem working in an all-female department. Gender discrimination? Hmmm…

Now back to the article.

My guess is that Miller is trying to embarrass the school district with this all-but-evident display of nepotism. As long as the 28-year-old has the minimum qualifications, I’m sure the district can say Miller is “overqualified.” Hey, I have another Ohio-related story. In 2001 (or was it 2002?), I applied for a job at MidFirst Credit Union. The job’s requirements were a Bachelor’s Degree and several year’s relevant experience. Who got the job? Someone who graduated from a local Community College with an Associate’s Degree and ZERO experience.


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August 29, 2010 at 3:03 pm

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Cat Naps

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From the files of: “How The Hell Do They Find This Comfortable?”

And here’s the close-up shot.

While I’m somewhat on this subject, I might as well mention what happened last month. Dessa (brown) and JJ (not pictured) had to have their front right fangs removed. Getting older sucks. After they had their procedures, we put them in our bedroom to recover for a few days. JJ wanted the hell out as soon as the anesthesia wore off. Dessa, on the other hand, was more than content to stay in the bedroom by herself. So we decided to try and see what would happen if we kept her in our bedroom with the door closed while we were at work.

She was happier than a pig in shit.

So now we have a water bowl, litter box, scratching mat and toy box in our room and only let the Bitch out whenever we are there to supervise; that is when we’re in the mood to hear her hiss at anything that comes within five feet of her presence. She does have to come out to eat because Max (not pictured) needs to eat in the bedroom because his diet is different than Dessa’s and JJ’s. (Bella, the White Menace, has to eat in the bathroom.)

After turning 11 in March, Dessa only has a few years left. Might as well make them as enjoyable for her (and for us) as possible. And as long as the bedroom provides several available sun spots like the one out by the living room recliner pictured above, it’s not hard to tell she prefers the “lockup.”

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August 29, 2010 at 1:58 pm

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Rightie Rappers

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So I have a Facebook page where a few of us B.S. about hip-hop from the 1980s-1990s. In this page I suggested to one of my homiez that perhaps we should form our own super group. I’ll let the screen shot speak for itself.

Of course, this conversation came just after a discussion about when we used to write our own lyrics to songs. You can figure out who’s who.

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August 29, 2010 at 9:47 am

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Posting An Entry Of Know-Nothing

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I came. I read. I LOL’d.

I thought these type of articles were going to start appearing once we got closer to this year’s mid-term elections. Guess the internal polling numbers are worse than first thought.

The Democrats may deserve to lose in November. They have been terrible at trying to explain who they stand for and the larger goal of their governance. But if they lose, it should be because their policies are unpopular or ill-conceived — not because millions of people believe a lie (that the Kenyan Koffee Fetcher is a Muslim).

Of course they’re terrible at trying to explain who they stand for and the larger goal of their governance. If they actually did attempt this, they would lose outside of major urban centers where many of their ideas “flourish.”

In the much-discussed Pew poll reporting the spike in ignorance, those who believe Obama to be Muslim say they got their information from the media. But no reputable news agency — that is, fact-based, one that corrects its errors quickly — has spread such inaccuracies.

So where is this “media?” Two sources, and they are — no surprise here — the usual suspects. The first, of course, is Rush Limbaugh…

And what’s the second? Lemme guess. KK’s Korner.

Finally, there is OMGFAUXNEWSLOL2010~!!!


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August 29, 2010 at 9:31 am

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kkk’s Rule Of Life #18

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No matter how serious the subject matter, it will be funny if you add the Benny Hill Theme.

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August 29, 2010 at 9:19 am