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Facebook Fan Page Deported

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So earlier today I noticed that Facebook’s “illegal immigrants can stay — deport the juggalos” fan page is gone.

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September 3, 2010 at 11:33 pm

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Dentist Threats Are All Bark And No Bite

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So yesterday I paid a trip to the dentist for a cleaning and stuff. And of course right before I went I brushed and flossed one last time. Yeah, that’ll make all the difference in what the hygienist finds in that yapper of mind. But yet like a dope I perform this ritual anyway.

So what happened? Meh. My top wisdom teeth are going to need yanked. Back in my high school days I was always told by dentists at the time that my wisdom choppers needed pulled. Having seen a few friends go through this ordeal, and noted their misery after each procedure, I always found an excuse not to make an appointment for this S&M. Every six months these people kept saying my wisdom teeth HAD to be pulled and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t feeling any discomfort. This game went on for a few years, then mom got downsized and I kissed bye-bye to my dental appointments.

A few years later I went to one of my mom’s friends who worked at a dental office. As this appointment went on, I was wondering why there weren’t any lectures about why my wisdom teeth haven’t been removed and placed on a mantle. As I was leaving the office, I asked about the condition of my wisdom teeth. “They were fine,” was the response I got.

And thus began my distrust of Big Dental.

I’m not surprised that my recent dentist visit brought back up the “you need your wisdom teeth pulled” talk. Several years ago I was eating KFC extra crispy and I chipped these two wisdom teeth on a piece of extra extra extra crispy chicken. I even remember spitting out the teeth bits. When will I get these teeth pulled? I figure I’ll know when it’s time to call it a day and enjoy the “puffy cheeks” experience; probably be sometime next year.

What did the better half have to say about this? Well, as I gave her the update, our conversation switched over to the subject of me turning into an old man and how I’ll be sporting dentures in the not-too-distant future. Mrs. kkk then made a remark about how me having no teeth would feel weird when she receives … oral pleasures. And as much as I wanted to say, “Bitch, when do I even do that anymore?” I was too busy trying to figure out how the hell she could feel any teeth down there. I mean, if the roles were reversed, this would be a legit topic. But … really? Women can feel teeth down there from her partner? I’m sure if a guy was half-assing his time down there, or just wanted to be a bastard, he could leave an imprint. But … damn. That’s just not cool. I don’t care what the bitch did to you.

Well that was an interest subject change in mid-entry.

Guess this wouldn’t be the best time make a “rinse and spit” remark.

One final note. Mrs. kkk wasn’t a thrilled as I was when after my cleaning the hygienist offered me … oral pleasures more toothpaste.

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September 3, 2010 at 10:42 pm

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