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Clearing House With This Scam

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People thought they had a chance with Publishers Clearning House? LOL.

A multistate investigation led by Oregon into whether Publishers Clearing House misled consumers about the chances of winning its sweepstakes has been settled for $3.5 million.

Oregon Attorney General John Kroger said the settlement filed Thursday in Salem requires Publishers Clearing House to boost efforts to inform consumers that making a purchase does not increase their chances of winning.

Kroger said the company, which acknowledged no wrongdoing, also must hire an ombudsman to review mailings to ensure compliance with the settlement.

Thirty-one other states and the District of Columbia are also part of the settlement.

I remember watching Super Bowl XXX with my mom and grandma when a Publishers Clearing House ad got aired. The ad was supposedly a live shot of the Clearing House gang going to someone’s house to hand them a really big check. I turned to my mom and said, “Who actually thinks this is real?” Turns out the reason grandma was with us was because she was asked by Publishers Clearing House to let them know where she was going to be during the Super Bowl when the prize was to be delivered. Then again, this is the same grandma who always played the lottery and often called my mom telling her that she needed a ride out of state because she won some contest.

Old people.

And I’m moving closer to the front of this line with every passing year. I think when I get to be that age I’m just going to shun all phone calls and emails. Pft. Like I don’t do this already.

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September 9, 2010 at 10:10 pm

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