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B.O. Brand Goes Bust

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So this morning I went to put on my deodorant on all the usual body parts this morning. I was using Gillette’s Cool Wave. Suddenly I realized I ran out with one more arm pit to go. I was out of Cool Wave in the closet, so I went with Storm Force. What’s the difference? I have no clue. And apparently neither did anybody else.

I’ve been a Gillette man for most of my life. I may have tried a few other brands in my youth, but I know I started going with Gillette in high school. However, Gillette has been jacking up the price for their product for a while now, and my supply is starting to run dry. And by “run dry” I mean “only have three more bars in the closet.” This of course means I am out looking for the cheapest price. One problem. What used to be a product I could get for $2 on sale (and then add a $1 off coupon), is now about $4 with a $1 coupon.

Kiss my black ass.

Last week Wal-Mart had Right Guard at buy-on-get-one-free and I had two $1 coupons. Yep. I made the switch.

Now since I’m talking about this subject, I’m not allowed to get Old Spice. Why? The better half’s old man uses Old Spice. This means I can’t use Old Spice. Oh well. Life goes on.


Written by kkktookmybabyaway

September 13, 2010 at 11:06 pm

Posted in Life

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