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This has clusterfuck written all over it.

It’s official: Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are now American Idol judges.

Idol host Ryan Seacrest introduced the new lineup at a press conference Thursday held at the Forum in Los Angeles, where first-round auditions are being held.

Randy was the one holdover from the original panel of judges, which also included Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

I’m not an Idol viewer, but the better half is for some ungodly reason. We had a discussion abut this topic today, and here is what I said on the matter.

I have no clue how these judges will work as a team, but my guess is that Tyler and Jackson will be sympathetic while Lopez will play Simon’s role. In other words, Lopez will be the asshole of the group.

Problem is, I think, that people aren’t going to watch Lopez in this role and go, “ahahahaha — I can’t believe she just said that to that poor contestant.” They are going to watch her and go, “What a bitch.”

And while a contestant who tries to pull this off during an audition would never make the light of day on television…

…you just know news of this would get leaked out.


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September 22, 2010 at 9:53 pm

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