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Parent Gets Failing Grade At School Relations

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On the bright side, at least this shitdick never considering home-schooling an option.

A Butler County father was charged Tuesday after police said he threatened to blow up his child’s school and kill the staff.

Unhappy with his son’s performance, James Lee Frank, 49, of West Sunbury, called Dassa McKinney Elementary School and made the threats, police said.

Officials immediately placed the Hooker Road school on lockdown and notified state police.

Police said Frank drove to the school and unsuccessfully tried to enter through a front and side door. Frustrated, Frank then ripped a two-way communication system off the building and left, police said.

According to the criminal complaint, police found knives on the front seat of the car.

Police said Frank told them he was upset with his child’s performance and wanted to withdraw the student from a certain class.

Channel 11 News spoke to a parent whose daughter attends the school.

“I seen all the state police cars,” said parent Rick Yanssens. “Just said they heard it was lockdown. I didn’t know anything until I seen it on the news.”

The Moniteau School District superintendent said letters were sent out to parents on Wednesday.

Frank is charged with making terroristic threats and threatening to use weapons of mass destruction, among other charges.

This county is right above mine and one over to the left. Represent.

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September 29, 2010 at 11:50 pm

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