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I’ve been on a Sharktopus kick the last few days.

And now the ratings are in…

Syfy’s craptacular “Sharktopus” gobbled 2.5 million viewers Saturday night.

That’s a big number for a Syfy original movie, and represents the best-ever showing by a Saturday night creature feature in September on the network.

It’s not as big as, say, August’s “Lake Placid 3” (3.1 million), but that was Syfy’s most-watched original movie since 2005.

Only bringing up the “Lake Placid” comparison because “Sharktopus” received plenty of advance buzz, and is called “Sharktopus,” and it seemed possible the movie could score an all-time high.

“Lake Placid 3”? Oy.

Here’s another trailer for Sharktopus, and there are two things I have to mention.

1) After reading the viewer comments, I’m glad there’s somebody else out there that thinks the Navy Commander looks like Glenn Beck.

2) If you think the “roaring” that Sharktopus does is dumb, you ain’t heard nothing…

Now be honest. Which one of these two films would you rather see in the theaters?

And guess which one I saw at the cinema as a kid?


Written by kkktookmybabyaway

September 29, 2010 at 10:54 pm

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