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Getting A Workout Over Replacement Parts

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So I have had this exercise bike since 2005. A few weeks ago this metal bar linking the left pedal to the front of the machine broke off. No worries. I bought this thing for about $70 and it has served me well.

I then went to order a replacement part.

I did what I thought was the logical thing and called the number on the owner’s manual. The automated lady then told me that to order a replacement part I had to go to their website: www.staminaproducts.com.

I sent off an email saying that I needed a replacement part for my product. I stated the product number and said that according to the manual this part was titled “linkage.”


I did that, with the exception of providing a part number. It’s all good, though. I’m sure that’s what “Diagram Number” meant on the online form I filled out. I gave that information and then another day or two went by. I received the following message (this time with NO caps):

thanks for your order the total cost will be $8.99. you can send a check or call with credit card and pay for the order.

Wha-? I’m going to have to CALL this place after all. What was the point over going through that whole on-line journey?

I called, paid for the order, and I should be getting the part in a few days.

I’m not uber-angry or anything like that, but the email correspondence to get the replacement part took over a week to accomplish. Granted I don’t check my email every day, and I wasn’t in the biggest hurry to get this part, but still. One simple phone call to order the part with a brief conversation to an operator would have remedied this entire situation. Instead, I had to deal with two separate customer service representatives over the course of a week-plus. How is that efficient?

In the meantime, I hope my Gazelle doesn’t fall apart. Actually, a year or three ago I had to order a replacement part for that thing. From what I remember, that ordeal also took a few email exchanges and a phone call. So far so good with the nine-year-old Soloflex. The only correspondence I had with these people was an email exchange over them forgetting to take off the shipping charges — that was quickly remedied.

My ex-treadmill? Well, let’s just say I’m never buying a big-ticked item at Sears ever again. And I let their customer service representatives know this each time I go into a store to price their goods so I can compare them to other stores in the region.

What happened?

Well, we got a treadmill back in 2000. We got the uber-super-extended warranty. This was supposed to bring out a repairman whenever the thing busted. The warranty was good for four years. Fast-forward to 2004. Mrs. kkk and I moved into our house and the treadmill moved into the basement. It flourished there for a month or so and then it just quit. It would start up for 5 minutes or so and then just die out. Well, we wanted to know if the motor was going — believe me, I used the shit out this machine. When I went to call the Sears hotline to get someone to look at this machine,


The operator said that it was likely the power outlet wasn’t strong enough to keep the treadmill going. Bitch, it was working fine for over a month before it started doing this. I purchased your uber-super-extended warranty so that whenever something like this happened I could get someone to look at machine and determine if something needs replaced. The operator kept saying I should try another power source. Bitch, I CAN’T GET THIS CONTRAPTION UP TO THE FIRST FLOOR TO TEST OTHER POWER OUTLETS! After dealing with this for 10-15 minutes I got pissed, hung up and swore never to purchase another big-ticket item from Sears every again. A few weeks later I got the Gazelle and later the exercise bike and the treadmill collected dust for several years. The funny thing was I couldn’t even give this thing away — nobody wanted to take the risk of hauling it away and discover that the motor was kaput.

Do I still shop at Sears? Once in a blue moon — I bought a few pairs of jeans which were on sale the day after Christmas. However, I will NEVER purchase something more than $10-20 from that place every again. And like I said above I don’t hesitate to let the customer service representatives know about my experience. I don’t get angry when telling this story, but I let them know that for the cost of sending out a repairman this company will now not be on my list of potential suitors when it comes to getting a big-screen television, a new washier/dryer, a new refrigerator, a new lawnmower or the other items on my list of “stuff I’ll need to replace when my current household goods call it a career.”

God I can really love the free market at times.


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October 12, 2010 at 9:47 pm

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