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Goin’ Be A Bad Day, Tater

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So how was my day at work? I don’t know if I built up boatload of karma today or if I had to cash some in. If it’s the latter, I really have been a bastard.

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October 19, 2010 at 10:25 pm

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Kicked To The Curb

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So here’s another workplace commute story.

This morning as I was driving through the ghetto portion of my commute, there were two old people walking their dog — in a stroller. OK then.

But the REAL highlight was when we were driving through the hippie/yuppie part of town. Today was “garbage collection” day for this left-wing haven and what did she see? A Muslim Wookie Fucker yard sign out with the rest of the trash on the curb.

Now THAT is some change I can believe in.

I don’t really follow polls that much, and I don’t consider myself one of those, “How did my candidate lose — everyone I knew voted for him” types. However, I have taken notice that there are several Pat Toomey signs up in a few yards this election cycle. Now the Democrat Senate candidate will still win this part of town by a health margin, but ever since I began this commute routing back in 2004, there has NEVER been a Republican sign in ANY of these yards. I’m not exaggerating.

Is this going to mean a huge shift in power two weeks from now? God I hope so, even though nothing will change except that we will be two years clower to possibly electing someone who’s an actual citizen of this country. Dunno. But it is something that got my attention.

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October 19, 2010 at 10:14 pm

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