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When Did Politics Ever Become Civil?

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So, as usual, I’m starting to hear about how this election cycle’s crop of attack ads and all that are making this the WORST TIME IN AMERICAN POLITICS EVER FOR CIVIL DISCOURSE. Of course it’s always interesting to note this whining typically takes place when Republicans look to win/retain seats, or ads like “black churches will buuuuurn if Republicans are elected” typically get ignored by Medium-Large Media’s critiques, but I digress.

Whenever I start hearing this crap, I ask the question, “When was politics ‘civil’?” It’s rhetorical, of course.

Oh, yeah. The point of this entry. I found this video and laughed. And to think the video’s producers didn’t even include the smear merchants going after Andrew Jackson’s wife or Honest Abe.

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October 29, 2010 at 10:18 am

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