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Stupid Secret Shopping

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So today I caved and bought a gift for the stupid “grab bag” at next week’s office party. God I’m such a conformist.

At my current place of employment, there is this annual Christmas lunch where all the tenants of the building I work at bring something to eat. Me? I supply the Pepsi. What can I say? I’m a guy.

Actually, I shouldn’t say “all the tenants.” Just those who show up. Either way, it’s a way to get out of doing a few hour’s worth of actual work.

This year, some of my co-workers decided to have this stupid “mystery grab bag” thing. I’m still not sure how it works, but each of us is to bring in a wrapped gift valued at no more than $10. Hilarity is supposed to ensue. *eyeroll*

I originally said I wasn’t going to partake in the festivities, but what’s the point? I just went out and bought “Heat” for $4 during my weekly grocery excursion and that’s that.

I don’t care for the whole “secret” gift-giving. Let me rephrase that. Buying a toy for some kid you don’t know is one thing. Buying a crappy “present” for a workplace function which will be received by one of your fellow tenants is different. Hell, I don’t really care for a number of the people here.

And let’s move past “secret Santa” events like the one mentioned above. I’m so tired of the rules of office gift-giving in general that this is what I now do. The better half bakes a bunch of cookies. I take about a half-dozen tins in with me a week before Christmas. If somebody gives me something, I hand out a tin of cookies I keep in my one drawer.

Have I always been like this? No. Once upon a time I actually bought gifts for co-workers without expecting anything in return. That went over like a ton of bricks. Then there was the first year at my previous job when I asked about the Christmas gift-giving policy. (Do we all exchange gifts at one event, make it a one-on-one affair, etc.) My vertically-challenged former co-worker then shouted NO WE DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE BWWWAH!!!! Memories. Of course, there was then shock throughout the office when I didn’t bring in anything for anybody. I guess that’s still better than my former co-worker that gave everyone scratched-off lottery tickets as a holiday present. (Her reasoning? She wanted to make sure everyone got a winner.)

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December 14, 2010 at 11:29 pm

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