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Aches And Pains Have Set In

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So last night I’m getting ready for the arrival of my big-screen television. Because of this I had to do some re-arranging around the house. I moved the bedroom television down to the basement. I moved the basement television upstairs to the second bedroom. I moved the living room television to the bedroom.

I then discovered that the living room television wobbled WAY too much on the bedroom television stand. With several cats, this spelled disaster if one would hop on top of this device. We already had one cat knock over/break our former bedroom television this way. Mrs. kkk and I then moved the living room television from the bedroom down the basement and moved the bedroom television that was occupying the basement back into the bedroom. I then tested out the spare bedroom television and the former basement television to see which had the best audio. (I usually have the spare bedroom TV on and listen to it while I’m in the nearby computer room. I discovered the former basement television wasn’t as good as the current spare bedroom television, so I moved this set back downstairs.

Then the better half and I took apart the living room entertainment stand and moved both halves down into the basement. We lost the top half in the move, but whatever. During this time I also gave the first-floor carpeting a good vacuum, which included removing the several dozen milk caps, pens and other assorted stuff the cats batted underneath the former stand.

Why am I talking about all this? Because it’s now Saturday morning and I’m SO GODDAMN SORE!!!!

The hell, man? I felt good last night. Now I can barely walk. Getting older can really suck sometimes.


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December 18, 2010 at 9:47 am

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