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Black Friday 2010

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So for the last 6-7 years I have done the Black Friday thing. “But kkk, you can just get all your stuff online.” Whatever. I enjoy this. And contrary to all the reports of ghetto trash stampeding through a store like this…

…every excursion I have been a part of was orderly. Sure there were some times where confusion at where a line started and ended made for some awkward instances, but for the most part people who do the Black Friday thing know what they are in for and in all situations the exchanges between myself and other shoppers have been pleasant. “Yeah, we’re both here at 4 am for some gizmo destined for a landfill, but damnit it’s 60 percent off!”

Here’s another thing that may separate me from the stereotypical Black Friday shopper. Most of what I get I can do without. When Mrs. kkk and I look through the sales fliers a week or two before Turkey Day, we take note at what’s on sale and what we could use around the house. And if something gets sold out before we can get our grubby paws on it, then c’est la vie. In fact, we really only target items in three stores. I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat our Black Friday routine of several years now:

1) We head out to Kohl’s because this store has always opened first. (This year Kohl’s opened at 3 am, an hour earlier than last year.)

2) Afterward, we go to Target, which is located in the same shopping center as Kohl’s. (This year Target opened at 4 am, an hour earlier than last year.)

3) We head home and unload our bounty.

4) We go out to Staples, which still hasn’t opened yet by this time. (This year Staples opened at 6 am, the same as last year; we got in line at 5 am.)

5) We go back home, unload, and get something for breakfast. (By this time it was around 6:30 am.)

6) We go out to the nearby shopping mall, Best Buy and Wal-Mart. At this point we are just browsing and getting whatever we want and is currently available.

7) We have lunch, go home, unload and go to sleep. (This year we got home at around 3 pm.)

So how did we do this year?

Same as always. Got what we wanted. I may be forgetting a few smaller items, but all the big stuff is listed:

Kohl’s: comforter, two packs of bed sheets, Cuisinart cutlery set, Bullet Blender, food steamer, four pairs of shoes, work socks for Mrs. kkk, some lame gift for mom and the step-dad who I never visit.

Target: Garmin GPS for the better half. This was our “target” item this year. Mrs. kkk just HAD to have this one particular model number. Hey, it’s for her job. I’m not going to question her logic. Actually, this year we repeated the same actions as 2009. While Mrs. kkk went over to Kohl’s to get the first three items listed above, I stayed in line at Target in the hopes of getting this particular GPS. I don’t like going into the electronics department on Black Friday, and I wasn’t disappointed. While I didn’t like Target’s store set-up this year, I didn’t make that bad of time — about 30 minutes. Not nearly as quick as last year, in which we were in and out in less than 10 minutes, but good enough. I’ll go into detail about this later.

Apple.com: iNano for the wife. (Thanks, Smues, for the tip. We ordered this online when we came home for the first unloading.)

Staples: MP3 player, Norton anti-virus, two pairs of ear buds, 4-in1 laser printer, cordless phone with five receivers.

Petsmart: the cats’ xmas gifts. It’s a Mrs. kkk thing. I’m only along for the ride. Hey, it’s better than buying this overpriced shit when it’s not on sale.

Sears: HD cable kit, six sweat pants, eight shirts, one jeans.

Old Navy: three work pants for the better half.

Mall Shoe Store: work shoes for the better half.

Best Buy: Blu-Ray player, DVD for the better half.

Wal-Mart: mini stereo for work with a MP3 outlet, three sets of socks, three DVDs for the better half and Bush’s new book (that’s Mrs. kkk’s purchase, not mine).

Total spent: Roughly $1650.

All in all, another solid outing. I’m still amazed at times I got Mrs. kkk to go with me on these Black Friday excursions; there are times I actually think she enjoys this more than me.

Anyway, here’s the Target story which I mentioned earlier in this entry. In previous years when Target would open its doors, the whole store would be open for roaming. This enabled me to break away from the herd and zig-zag across the store until I got to the department I wanted to reach. Last year Mrs. kkk and I snagged a steam mop and high-end vacuum cleaner. One reason for our quick time in and out was because we got away from the mob and did our thing. We weren’t so luck this year. Target cut off access to the entire store except for the narrow entrance way. I had to contend with people trying to move shopping carts, which is what causes all the gridlock. Then the electronics department tried to do something different this year. The store decided to have everyone get in a line at the electronics department if someone wanted to purchase certain items — like the GPS I was gunning for. A lot of people were confused, which is to be expected. To make matters worse, Target tried to enforce this line with the “Caution: Yellow Tape” trick.

The yellow tape was destroyed within 5 people by shoppers who just wanted to get from Point A to Point B and this tape got in their way. I think next year Target needs to erect some sturdier barriers, such as actually metal display stands. Perhaps putting up some fliers on these stands that list what items a person should be in line for at this particular section of the store. Sure not everyone will actually read these fliers or understand what’s going on, but I think more people would. And that’s a start.

But my Black Friday shopping didn’t end on Friday…


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