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Craptastic Cat

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So before I continue with this story, let me say right away that Dessa is fine.

On Sunday night, Bella was “stalking” Dessa in the kitchen. Dessa was attempting to use the litter box and Bella wasn’t having any of that. This caused Dessa to take MASSIVE poop on the kitchen floor. Seeing these presents is nothing new from her, and when the better half pointed out this latest deposit to me I said I’d clean it up once it got … less fresh. A few minutes later Mrs. kkk came up to me and noted that there was blood in Dessa’s load on the floor.


The rational part of my brain noted that it had been a few days since Dessa pooped and that she may have strained a bit in order to get all that crap out of her. However, with her being 12 years old, she is considered a “senior” cat, bordering on “geriatric.” Whatever is going to kill her — cancer, liver failure, etc. — is going to come swift and hard. We made an appointment for the vet Monday. The vet checked her out, inspected the poop (which we bagged and brought with us to the vet). Her diagnosis was that Dessa just had to take that Ron White crap which makes you feel 10 pounds lighter afterward.

This episode got me the thinking. What the hell is going to happen to me when I turn 64, which is about the equivalent of 12 cat years? God help me.

My first hunch seemed to be the correct one — Dessa has pooped since the vet visit and there was no blood. Her poop amount was also more in tune with what she normally produces.

Christ. Once I arrive at my future nursing home, I will be Dessa and some orderly will be writing about my bowel movements. W00t~!

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January 4, 2011 at 8:20 pm

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Crashes Come In All Shapes And Sizes

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I’m not sure what was more surreal today.

1) Watching one car rear-end a SUV along Rt. 30 (and getting pretty dinged up in the process)


2) Watching two old people on Hoverounds (or whatever they’re called) crash into each other at the grocery store.

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January 4, 2011 at 1:34 am

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