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A Friend In Need … Better Not Depend On Facebook

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So I read this story from across the Pond.

A middle-aged woman who told her 1,048 Facebook “friends” that she had taken an overdose was found dead the next day after none came to her aid.

Simone Back, 42, posted a last message on the social networking site at 10.53pm on Christmas Day saying: “Took all my pills be dead soon bye bye everyone.”

Some users of the site even taunted the 42-year-old over her final status update instead of trying to save her, calling her a “liar” and saying the fatal overdose was “her choice”.

Yesterday her mother, Jennifer Langridge, said she was shocked and upset that nobody did anything for her daughter despite being aware of her threats.

Gotta admit. I probably would have made a sarcastic comment. Probably something like, “See ya.”

Gladly admit. I’m a terrible person.

This story brings back memories of the crack-whore niece-in-law when she has pulled shit like this in the past. The best was her most recent attempt when she sent a text to Mrs. kkk saying, “Tell grandma I’ll always lover her,” right before overdosing on some pills. Oddly enough, she didn’t OD to the point where she died. Just enough to bring the paramedics over to her place and get her to the hospital. I think that was the fourth time she’s tried that shit, so excuse me if I’m indifferent about someone using Facebook to tell 1,000+ “friends” that she’s committing suicide.

And here’s the shocker of all shockers.

Mental health charities said the case was a sad reflection on today’s society where friends made online are not necessarily friends in real life.

Well no shit.

Next thing you’ll tell me is that there are some people out there which go on this thing called the Internet to download porn.

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January 6, 2011 at 1:44 am

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