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A Shovel-Ready Job

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So last week the boss learned that the crazy person she hired to do around-the-office chores quit. Over the past six months or so, my boss has tried hiring “handyman” types to take out the garbage and perform basic maintenance duties around the building. The first crazy person the boss hired went off his meds and that was that. The highlight of this hire was one day when I was walking down the steps and almost broke my neck. The crazy person was mopping the steps and didn’t put up a sign. Having almost slipped and fell, I taped up a hand-written sign. Later on that day I told the crazy person what I did, and his reply was, “The floors aren’t wet. I didn’t mop them; I disinfected them.”

I made it a point after that to stay in my office whenever possible and to always test the steps or tile floor for slippage before actual walking on these surfaces.

But as I said above, one day he stopped taking his meds and that was that. The next crazy person the boss hired wasn’t all that bad. I pretty much left him alone and versa vice. About a week or so ago he was given a job to repaint the first-floor bathrooms. Apparently, he did a terrible job and he quit. Of course, he quit the day before our region was to get its first sizable snowfall of the season. Guess who was out yesterday for 40 minutes shoveling/de-icing the sidewalks? Yep.

Funny thing is the boss told me the reason this crazy person quit was because he said this work was “beneath him.” Having seen this guy firsthand perform in the workplace, all I can say is good luck with your future endeavors with the free market. I never understood the whole, “this works is beneath me,” mindset. It’s work, and unless you can find something better, do it. Hell, at my last job I stuffed envelopes. Now granted I was annoyed at this because it took time away from what I was actually hired to do at my previous workplace, but never did I feel this was “beneath me.” Even now I don’t mind shoveling the snow. It does bother me that I am the person who works on my boss’s contract which generates more than half of her revenue, but if she wants to pay me for this task well then it’s her money.

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January 17, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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