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Maddening Bracket

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So why aren’t all those “first round” NCAA games being played by the bottom eight teams for the right to get manhandled by a #1 seed in the “second round” of March Madness? I don’t follow any of this, so I’m sure there’s an explanation. I’m just lazy.

Oh what the heck, I’ll try to look it up.

The final four at-large teams and final four automatic qualifiers in the newly minted 68-team NCAA men’s basketball tournament field will meet for the right to enter the traditional 64-team draw, tournament selection committee chairman Dan Guerrero announced Monday.

A few paragraphs later.

Guerrero and Shaheen said the last four at-large teams would be put on the seed line the committee decided they earned. So, this could mean that two could be considered No. 12 seeds playing for the right to play a No. 5 and two could be No. 11s vying to play a No. 6 in the second round.

Oh that’s stupid. One section of the bracket has multiple play-in games, err, first-round games.

I don’t mind having 68 teams, but have the winners play the top seed in each region. And have the bottom eight teams play each other. Period.

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March 13, 2011 at 9:27 pm

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