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Fight For Your Right To Outrageously Party

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OK, so I thought MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” show was bad. After all, it showed spoiled brats throwing tantrums because the over-the-top birthday party of theirs only cost five times the amount of America’s median household income.

I was wrong.

Introducing TLC’s “Outrageous Kids Parties.” My God. (Just watch the first minute or so of this video and ignore the rest of the cackling.)

Look, if the parents can afford this crap, then yay. In fact, some of the kids don’t seem … that … bad. Well, OK. Maybe just one out of the several shows I have seen. However, in this show, it’s the parents I want to kick the crap out of. In every show I’ve seen, it’s been the mothers who arrange these events and the fathers who have no clue what’s going on. Even though both adults are culpable, in my opinion, I tend to blame the mothers more in these cases. One theme I’ve noticed in the shows I’ve watched is that most of these women are living vicariously through their children and want to bring back their own childhood memories. Not sure if this is some hidden cry for help or what, but it’s certainly … outrageous.


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March 15, 2011 at 9:36 pm

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