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So I guess the big story in this year’s list of basketball teams left out of the tournament is Colorado University. I hate these stories. Yeah, let’s waste our time talking about an imperfect team that SHOULD have deserved to be one of 60+ other teams to lose in the greatest tournament of all. This is almost as dumb as the similar debate about who gets left off an all-star team.

Besides, that’s what the NIT is for. No joke.

Sure it’s not March Madness, but those “bubble” teams have the ability to extend their season by five games should they go on a run in the NIT. And if you’re a really good mediocre team, you’ll get a few more games in front of your fans.

Here’s another plus. In previous years the NIT winner had to endure the quip, “We’re Number 65 (or 66, depending on the year).” Now with the March Madness tournament expanded to 68 teams, the NIT champ now gets to say, “Were 69.”

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March 16, 2011 at 11:48 am

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